HARTFORD, CT (WFSB) - Tropical Storm Henri made landfall during the early afternoon hours of Sunday.

While the worst of the storm has passed, the state will still be seeing the effects of Henri into Monday.

Track any showers associated with Henri on Monday with the Early Warning Pinpoint Doppler:

Henri later weakened to a tropical depression as it moved further inland.


"Henri continues to weaken, and now has maximum sustained winds of 40 mph," Chief Meteorologist Bruce DePrest said.

The tropical storm warning for Connecticut has since expired.

A storm surge warning was in effect for the coastline, but has expired.

A flood watch is in place statewide until Monday evening.


The high winds have died down, although DePrest said Groton still has a southerly wind of 21 mph.

Wind gusts peaked at 53 at one point in Groton Sunday.

"While there will still be some rain, the tropical downpours have moved out of the state for now," DePrest said.

The entire state can expect a baseline of 1 inch of rain through Sunday night. Areas near the core of the system in Litchfield, Hartford, and Tolland Counties will be areas expected to get closer to 2 inches of rain. Those areas will also get a reprieve in the rain as the eye of the storm crosses.

Vernon had one of the highest rainfall totals, seeing six inches of rain courtesy of Henri.

Landfall happened around 12:15 p.m. near Westerly, RI.

As of 12:30 a.m., Eversource reported 13,970 outages.

Since the circulation associated with Henri will move slowly, DePrest said there will be additional showers and a few thunderstorms on Monday.

Widespread light rain and isolated thunderstorms are also possible.

Temperatures should be in the upper 70s.

Read the complete technical discussion here.

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(17) comments


I wonder if Covid was hyped up as much as this hurricane.


This article is about a tropical storm.


Imagine that they are just reporting on the weather, you are the one panicking and commenting in a huff. Calm down ,it is just some wind and rain.


Boy you'd think CT was right in the middle of the cone of death with all the red on the homepage. Except its going much more east and losing strength. That doesn't sell fear to the sheeple so....carry on MSM! Evac! Shelter! Be Afraid!


All the local news channels are predicting the apocalypse. It helps scare people and gets ratings. The Weather Channel is saying max winds of 35 mph and 1-3" of rain in my town


So - what Meteorological Accreditation is it you've attained? Asking for a friend.


This entire build up was BS from the start, as many expected. When every weather person ends the forecast with, 'this is the result of man made global warming', you know they are full of it. So do we get reimbursed for all our time and money prepping for the end of the world? CT got money BEFORE there was an emergency. Do they have to return that? WTF


If you knew they were full of it, why did you listen and panic? I spent no time or money prepping for the end of the world. You should make better choices.


Much rather have had forecasts be ended differently also.

'Let's watch Peter Fonda picking Blueberries' for example. Sez' alot, especially that Man Made Global Warming.


Will "Henri" need to be vaccinated before entering Connecticut?


Omg you are soooo clever! Please stop messing with us! Its just unbearable,....hahahah.

Brian C. Duffy

Did Phil Valentine have the flu?


How about VACCINATED Jesse Jackson and his wife currently sitting in a hospital with Covid-19. Oh wait...The gene therapy shots are supposed to keep you OUT of the hospital...Oops


And seatbelts are supposed to keep you from dying in car crashes. I'm guessing you don't use them, since "they don't work"?

Brian C. Duffy

They were vaccinated in January. Proof the elderly now need the booster after 8 months. I back up my statements with a real name, real facts, and real science. You have none.

Brian Duffy ~~ Tariffville, CT


Every 8 months? Then it's obviously NOT a vaccine. What's next, strap a gene therapy IV drip to your belt loop for constant "protection"?

Brian C. Duffy

Annual flu vaccine = Annual Covid Vaccine. Eventually it will be one annual (booster) shot combined for all Coronal and Flu viral seasonal strains as is the practice now. My last flu shot covered 4 flu strains. Keep wearing your online mask, hypocrite. It keeps you safe from humiliation on this site.

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