Ice jams continue to create issues for rivers, marinas

Ice jams continue to cause issues on CT rivers (WFSB)

The ice jams may be a beauty to look at, but they’re causing damage to marinas along the Connecticut River.

Officials at Andrews Marina have been in touch with a contractor for repairs, and from the pilings to the docks, it’s going to cost thousands of dollars to fix.

On Wednesday, onlookers in East Haddam took a moment to let the view of the river sink in.

“Astonishing, I mean nature is just incredible,” said Larry Jaccoma, of Old Saybrook.

Part of that awe is the ice jam’s strength pushing up against the Connecticut shore.

“I mean look at it look what it did to the pillars over there. The docks and it’s kind of pretty,” said Raelynn Nowak, of Moodus.

The owner of Andrews Marina said the ice is twisting up his docks and pushing over the pilings. Repairs that will have to wait until a thaw and will cost him thousands.

“It’s just a shock. It’s not something we budgeted. It’s a dredging year so we have the expense of dredging in the fall on top of the repairs now but we’ll rebuild it,” said David Papallo, of Andrews Marina.

It’s also a wait and watch situation for potential flooding depending on how the ice melts.

Papallo said it’s not clear how much water is coming down at the moment with a flood gauge up the river broken.

“With that gauge not working, we don’t really know what we’re up against. How much water is up there. How much water has to come down this way. The ice dams are really restricting the flow and holding a lot of this water back so this is unchartered territory for us,” Papallo said.

As for the boating business, the owner said they're doing pretty well with only three slips left to fill.

The plan and hope is to be open for boaters by May 1.

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