Immigration activists rally in support of man facing deportation

Immigration activists rallied in support of a man facing deportation on Thursday (WFSB)

A deportation rally was held on Thursday afternoon as another man who has been in the country for years is about to be removed.

The rally was for Marco Reyes, a father of three. He's from Ecuador and came to the United States in 1997.

He has lived a pretty normal life, raising three children in Meriden and working as a drywall installer.

The order of deportation came during the Obama administration back in 2009 but he was granted stays ever since.

However, his latest request was denied.

"I really need my dad with me here. I can't do anything without him. No child should go through this. No child or teenager should go through this," said Adriana Reyes, Marco's daughter.

On Thursday, Reyes, his family, and a handful of supporters rallied for him to stay and they don't have much time because he's set to go back to Ecuador on Aug. 8.

Immigration Customs Enforcement (ICE) said Reyes has basically exhausted all his legal options since the stay was initially granted.

On Thursday, Reyes' lawyer filed a motion to reopen his old removal order, saying it would be too dangerous for him to return to his country.

Our state has seen some stays granted, some not, so no one really knows how this will go.

In a statement, U.S. Senator Richard Blumenthal said "In five days, the Trump administration will force this hardworking father to leave his wife and children and board a plane to a country he has not called home for two decades—where a brutal murderer terrorizes his family. I stand with the Reyes family in opposing this cruel and unconscionable decision, and will do all in my power to keep Marco here where he belongs—with his wife and children. This humanitarian nightmare like so many others has been caused by Trump’s decision to remove all reason and rationality from our country’s deportation policies. I implore this administration to stop this needless trauma and tragedy and commit to comprehensive immigration reform and bipartisan cooperation.”

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