HARTFORD (WFSB) - On Saturday, governor Ned Lamont widened his opinion on highway tolls.

On the campaign trail, the governor said he’d only support tolls for tractor-trailers.

Now, Lamont says he’s also opened to tolls for cars and trucks.

The Governor clearly made his position clear on “Face The State” last October with tolls.

He said he didn’t foresee them affecting passenger vehicles.

But today in a video on Twitter, he reversed his vow, saying tolling on tractor-trailer trucks wouldn’t be enough to generate money to fix roads and bridges

"So, I've also provided you with a second option which would be trucks as well as cars with maximum discounts for Connecticut residents and Connecticut drivers," Lamont said in the Twitter statement.

The move caught drivers off guard.

"One of the best things for us living in Connecticut in comparison to other parts of New England which has been we didn’t have toll roads. So, I’m not in favor of more tolls," Robin Watson of Glastonbury said.

While some say they understand the tight spot the state is in financially.

"I think I would be understanding of it. I know how hard it is to balance a budget," Kim O'Rourke of Cromwell said Saturday.

Not taking this lightly are state Republicans.

Senate republican leader Len Fasano released a statement opposing this idea.

He writes in part quote:

“Governor Lamont's announcement that he will be proposing tolls on all Connecticut residents is a a disappointing step backward...In addition, telling people not to worry because residents will only have to pay ‘discounted’ tolls is a disingenuous attempt to curtail criticism.”

If this proposal generates support and passes from lawmakers, the governor said out-of-state drivers would provide about half of the state’s tolling revenue.

A state report estimated the state would take in about $1 billion dollars a year in tolls.

A group will hold a demonstration later this month protesting the idea of tolls.

On Wednesday, Lamont is expected to share his two-year state proposal.

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Well Educated Liberal

Thank you, Governor Lamont! This is why we elected you. One billion dollars per year will do so much good to further education and social justice programs. There are so many needy people in this state and country. I for one am a single mother with 6 children and another on the way very soon. Why do I have to struggle on state assistance when the tax dollars could give my family a better quality of life? Maybe if the greedy rich people paid their fair share in taxes, tolls wouldn't be needed. Maybe if we didn't have 20 years of corrupt repukes running this state into the ground while lining their pockets we would be much better off.
#Warren/Harris2020 #HillaryisMYPresident #I'mStillWithHer #neverdrumpf #resist #impeach


Another pile of money they will grab from "The Lock Box" and Blow it away on anything it was NOT intended for.

Eyes On The Issues

The only one they should charge tolls to are out of state cars and commercial trucks, not one registered CT vehicle.


we all knew this..well those without liberal zombie disease. congrats ct morons, you all belong on the other side of trumps wall!


Tolls are good for all of CT. He should have automated tolls on every road so the state can bring in more money. Face it, it's the correct thing to do. You voted for this scum, now live with it? Oh WAIT. The CT election was a Fraud!!! Time to occupy the state house and force them all out of power.


...and for 2020, tolls on all CT Biking Trails and maybe one at the end of every residential driveway.


thank you all that voted for this new tax. Everyone knew he would do it

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