Friday was Inauguration Day for 45th President Donald Trump, but it was also marked by protests and demonstrations nationwide including in Connecticut.

Dozens of people protested Trump in Hartford and New Haven on Friday afternoon.

Immigration rights advocates said they felt strongly that the 45th President of the United States has been hostile in his rhetoric about immigrants. The Hartford rally, which was held by the Connecticut Immigrants Rights Alliance, was to show their resistance to him and fight for undocumented people in Connecticut.

Close to 100 protesters just finished the short march from Hartford City Hall here to the Federal Building. Protesters walked shoulder to shoulder carrying banners and chanting things such as "the people united can never be defeated."

On the other side of the country, shopkeepers in Oakland, CA began boarding up their businesses on Thursday. They said they fear a repeat of demonstrations in year's past that quickly turned ugly.

The protesters told Eyewitness News that protest has brought about change in this country before and their voices here and around the country can make a real difference. They believe if they don't stand up to the new president his policies would spell doom for many people.

"If Trump keeps his promises, millions are going to be deported," Carlos Moreno with the Connecticut Immigrants Rights Alliance said. "Millions are gonna lose their health care. A women's right to choose will be threatened. There is going to be disaster on the climate spectrum, so take your pick the list can go on and on."

The protesters said this is only the beginning. They believe we will see a rise in political activism as a result of Trump's presidency.

People also marched outside of the New Haven City Hall.

"I think his speech today showed he's still as angry and divisive as ever," Aviva Luria, of New Haven, said. He's not trying to reach out to those who didn't vote for him or those feeling fearful."

Luria said she brought her son to the New Haven protest on Friday.

"I want him to see that even though this a very difficult time we're living through," Luria said. "We have to have hope. We have to stand together."

Jesus Morales with the Unidad Latina en Accion, which was one of the organizers of the protest, said for him it's not so much fear, but rather not knowing what the next four years will bring.

"People are uncertain about what's going to happen. Is ICE going to show up to people's doors, are people going to be unsafe if they're walking around with a head scarf," Morales said. "We want people to come together, to get to know each other. At the end of the day, we'e all New Haven."

A big women's march is scheduled for Saturday in Washington DC with dozens of buses from Connecticut making the trip. There will also be rallies right here in Hartford and Stamford.

Some began assembling on Thursday.

In Washington DC, protesters filled the streets of Pennsylvania Avenue where inaugural balls were held.

They weren't the only ones in attendance, however. Trump supporters have been arriving in the nation's capital as well. Many told Eye

The protests have also spread into Congress. More than 60 Democratic lawmakers have said they will not be attending the inauguration.

Connecticut's delegation, however, attended the event.

Even Gov. Dannel Malloy, a Democrat, was in attendance. He said he was going out of duty and respect, but added Trump's inaugural speech was designed for his supporters, not the entire country.

Malloy, chairman of the Democratic Governors Association, told The Associated Press he wants to work with the administration. He's urging the new Republican president to "stop being a candidate and become our president," which he says "means a heartfelt attempt to be the president for all."

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