An Infosys hub opened in Hartford on Wednesday (WFSB)

HARTFORD, CT (WFSB) - The city of Hartford is welcoming Infosys, the multinational Indian IT and consulting company.

Wednesday was the grand opening.

There has been a lot of talk about Infosys.

The company got $12 million to come to Hartford, but many feel that's a minor investment compared to what this high tech company can do for the city and perhaps the state.

The company has moved into Goodwin Square.

"In the past 18 months we have hired 7 thousand plus local Americans in the United States,” said Ravi Kumar, Infosys president.

One thousand will work here in hartford.

"There were no nay-sayers that said that GE should not have gotten 160 million from Boston, although I thought it was crazy,” said Governor Dannel Malloy.

Governor Malloy supported the move, the state's new governor was also a door-opener.

"I went down to New York on bended knee two or three times to his office, told him about the amazing state of Connecticut,” said Ned Lamont, governor-elect.

Infosys comes with controversy. In 2013, it paid a $34 million fine for illegally outsourcing jobs.

They train young people, mostly college students, on business consulting and IT.

What's unique is they bring companies here to train alongside with them, big companies like Travelers.

"We already do business with Infosys so having them here is great, makes it easier for our business,” said Andy Bessette, Executive Vice President of Travelers.

Infosys partners with colleges to get the talent they need.

"We have 36,000 college students and three thousand faulty members who are the intellectual driving force of the 11 colleges and universities that make up the hartford consortium of higher education,” said Joanne Berger-Sweeny, Trinity College president.

Hartford is the company's fourth hub.

The goal is to for these college students to train, but to eventually get hired at some of these big companies.

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Infosys has been one of the largest reasons local skilled talent in CT have been laid off over the years. They only hire unskilled local staff, and once they've learned any skill they are canned. All the $'s CT gave them to 'open an office' here is lost money. They will still have the work offshored back to India.

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