NEW CANAAN, CT (WFSB) - This Sunday marks one year since Jennifer Farber Dulos went missing from New Canaan.

From that day on, the search has continued for the mother of five.

On the morning of May 24th, 2019, Jennifer Farber Dulos dropped her five children off at school.

"We're still looking for Jennifer," Connecticut State Police Sgt. Kenneth Ventresca tells us.

Farber Dulos, remembered for her kindness, courageousness, and gentle nature, disappeared from New Canaan.

Connecticut State Police say her estranged husband, Fotis Dulos, attacked her inside her home, ultimately, killing her and trying to cover it all up.

"We have five children who don't have a mother or father anymore. We believe the mother is not here, because of what the father did," Connecticut State Police Detective John Kimball explained.

Dulos was arrested several times and faced a number of charges, including murder, kidnapping, and tampering with evidence.

From the beginning, he maintained his innocence, but, after Dulos died earlier this year after trying to commit suicide, the state dropped the charges.

"Those are the rules we follow. No defendant, no case," Chief State's Attorney Richard Colangelo, Jr. says.

Now, Chief State's Attorney Richard Colangelo, Jr. says they're looking ahead.

There are still two active cases, Dulos' former girlfriend, Michelle Troconis, and friend, Kent Mawhinney, are also suspects, Mawhinney charged with conspiracy to commit murder.

When Eyewitness News reached out for comment, his attorney, Lee Gold, told me:

"We do not comment on ongoing and active criminal matters."

Meanwhile, this week, Troconis issued a verbal statement in Spanish and written one in English.

"Hola. Soy Michelle Troconis," Troconis stated.

Her statement reads, in part:

"I know nothing about Jennifer Dulos' whereabouts or what may have happened to her."

She finished by saying:

"Whether or not Fotis Dulos was capable of doing the things the police and prosecutors accused him of doing, I do not know. But based on what i have learned in the last year, I think it was a mistake to have trusted him."

By zoom, we spoke with her attorney, Jon Schoenhorn, who's now a few months on the job.

He says, even before COVID-19 closed Connecticut's courts, he couldn't get the materials he needs.

That includes Troconis' statements to police.

"So far, I've got nothing and no ability in filing motions to compel, motions for sanctions. In fact, it's not even clear to me whether the case is being taken over on another prosecutor," said Schoenhorn.

This is what he had to say about the charges.

"Would you ever accuse somebody of any crime, based on some flimsy allegations? Just ask yourself that question," added Schoenhorn.

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Channel 3: We can do without that monotonous "jingle" every time you feature an update on the Dulos case. Thank you. Same for the new "jingle" you have for the COVID19 stories.

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