NEW HAVEN, CT (WFSB) - Integrated Refugee and Immigrant Services (IRIS) other resettlement organizations in Connecticut said they are struggling to find affordable and safe apartments for Afghan refugees.

Connecticut is expected to resettle more than 500 Afghan refugees by the end of the year.

200 are already here.

 IRIS, based in New Haven, said it welcomed three families just last night.

New haven, movers set up an apartment for a new family, that will arrive shortly.

Part of the crew included a refugee from Afghanistan named Javid, who came to America, just two years ago and is now paying it forward and welcoming others.

 “That was very very good, I came here, my apartment was already, everything was inside.  I came in the home, and was surprised, everything was ready, I had never seen other countries like this.  I was very happy,” said Javid.

Jim Anctil with Marie’s Movers said, “The families coming in, has been great, there’s at least 4-6 families a week we’ve been setting up units for and the donations have been astounding.  We’re picking up 30-40 donations a week all over the Hartford and New Haven area.”

“We will make sure they pay the rent, in full, on time.  We are so confident, that we will co-sign the lease, so landlords, please we’re not asking you to put refugees to the front of the line, we just want them to be in line,” said Chris George with IRIS.

To help, the state is even providing funding for the security deposit and two months rent as refugees get settled.

If you’re a landlord and you’re interested you can find more information here and here.

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