Issues reported in Hartford on Election Day

Some issues were reported in Hartford on Election Day. (WFSB)

The Secretary of State said so far this Election Day has gone relatively smoothly although there have been a few hiccups in Hartford.

Two years ago, there were major election day issues in Hartford. The registrar of voters hadn't printed all of the voting lists necessary. Fortunately, we have not seen the same kind of problems on Tuesday, but there have been some issues.

On Tuesday morning at the Rawson School there was a problem with a packet of ballots. One packet of ballots was accidentally coded for a different polling location. The moderator there said the voting machine caught the mistake when a voter tried to submit their ballot.

Then, the poll workers discovered the error and that packet of ballots was simply thrown out and the voter was given a correct ballot to vote.

There was another issue at the united way polling place on Laurel Street. The moderator at that location said they discovered that three ballots incorrectly omitted state Rep. Minnie Gonzalez's name. A different incumbent's name was printed instead.

The poll workers said the voting machine caught two of the bad ballots and the voters were given a chance to vote again. The moderator threw out a third incorrect ballot himself when he spotted the error.

Gonzalez said after the debacle in 2014, this kind hiccup is unacceptable on election day.

“People say it's a mistake, but come on,” Gonzalez said. “A mistake like this every single election is a mistake and mistake here in my district I'm really upset I don't think that this should happen.”

Gonzalez said her campaign will monitor the situation and decide later whether to file a formal complaint. Despite these mistakes, Secretary of State said so far there have been fewer problems than on other recent election days.

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