FARMINGTON, CT (WFSB) – An attorney representing the mother of Jennifer Dulos is looking to foreclose on the Farmington home where Fotis Dulos has been staying.

Fotis is the estranged husband of Jennifer, who has been missing since the end of May.

Documents obtained by Channel 3 claim that Fotis has failed to make mortgage payments on the property since November of 2018.

The notice also claims Fotis owes the town of Farmington about $21,000 in back property taxes.

Fotis was arrested last week on new tampering charges in connection to the disappearance of Jennifer.

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He can post his bonds pretty easily though [eyeroll] ... must be nice to live in a 4.35 million dollar mansion for free. GUILTY.


Regardless of what we may be fed in the media, shame on you for not being objective! It's people like you and thinking like that, that makes the legal system a** backwards, and creates the new norm we are unfortunately in today in CT and throughout the US that we are now "guilty till proven innocent"! I'm not saying he's innocent either but until he has his day in court or they find evidence that's got him dead to rights, its your responsibility to be objective! What if that were you or one of your loved ones in serious trouble of some type and you have thousands of people ranting your guilty and shameful things when you personally know your innocent....wouldn't you want objectivity? Think before you speak man, this thinking is messing up our society!

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