BRIDGEPORT, CT (WFSB) - Lawyers representing Sandy Hook families claim they were sent child pornography from Infowars host Alex Jones.

The complaint was reviewed in Bridgeport Superior Court on Tuesday, where a judge ended up sanctioning Jones, saying he crossed a line.

Sandy Hook lawyers in the defamation case against the conspiracy theorist and radio host said the pornography was disclosed in emails sent over by Jones as part of the discovery process of the suit.

However, Jones said on his show on Friday, alongside his New Haven based attorney Norm Pattis, that he received emails containing child pornography from those who, he claims, attempted to frame him during the discovery process of the ongoing legal battle after he called the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting a hoax.

The plaintiffs' attorneys claimed in recently filed court documents that some of the content on Jones’ show qualifies as a threat. 

In court on Tuesday, a judge came down on Jones and his attorneys, sanctioning him, saying if he felt he was being framed, he could have gone to the authorities, or even filed a motion with the court.

But, by going on his web show and mentioning attorney Chris Mattei, the judge said he crossed a line.

Jones mentioned attorney Chris Mattei by name and even showed his picture multiple times throughout the show.

“Let’s zoom in on Chris Mattei. Oh, nice little Chris,” said Jones on Friday. “What a good American. What a good boy. You think you’ll put on me, hmm, I’m gonna kill. Anyways I’m done. Total war. You want it, you got it."

Jones claims the emails that contained child pornography were sent to him by others and were never opened. Jones is offering a $1 million reward to anyone who can provide information leading to a conviction.

Norm Pattis, who appeared on the show, claimed federal investigators told him someone was trying to set Jones up.

“The point is that somebody directed child pornography into your email accounts hoping that you would open it,” Pattis said. “So, that when you opened it there would be direct evidence that you had viewed knowingly and possessed child porn.”

The FBI is now investigating who sent the emails.

In court on Tuesday, attorneys representing Jones argued he had "walked back" his initial comments, claiming what Jones said wasn't a threat or harassment, and that he has a right to free speech.

However, the judge wasn't buying it, handing down the sanctions, saying Jones' words and actions were unacceptable.

“Let me say this about Mr. Jones’ conduct. His conduct, and I think the court concluded this, really threatened the integrity of the judicial proceedings here in CT and that was the basis for why she imposed sanctions and we think its appropriate," Mattei said on Tuesday.

In court documents, the Sandy Hook family lawyers do not say who is responsible for the child pornography but they are asking the judge to review Jones’claims and possibly issue penalties on a review scheduled for Tuesday in Bridgeport Superior Court.

Lawyers representing the Sandy Hook families argue that Jones was irresponsible because he insinuated Mattei planted the child pornography and made threats against him.

“One million dollars. One million dollars. You little gang members, one million dollars to put your head on a pike,” said Jones.

Pattis issued a statement, saying “Mr. Jones did not threaten anyone. To suggest otherwise is to engage in precious pleading.”

Jones, however, said he now believes the Sandy Hook shooting did take place.

Jones' attorneys are expected to appeal Tuesday's ruling.

"He knows he's not popular here in Connecticut, but he's entitled to speak," Pattis said. 

As part of the sanctions, Jones has lost his special motion to dismiss the case.

He'll also be responsible for the plaintiffs attorney costs regarding the child pornography issue.

As for the defamation case, a trial date is set for November of 2020.

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Well Educated Liberal

Is it really any surprise that a reich wing xtian neocon is caught with this? They all do it! Look at the craplick church. FULL OF PERVERTS! And who do they vote for? REPUKES! Sick and disgusting world! Why can't we banish all of them to texass? Build the wall on the northern border of texass. That's one wall I would support! #Warren/Harris2020 #HillaryisMYPresident #I'mStillWithHer #neverdrumpf #resist #impeach #LockHimUp #FreedomFromReligion #BanAllGuns


It might not be a surprise, but your comment doesn't seem very educated. Typing like a 5 year old having a tantrum. I almost mistook you for a trump supporter. Your stereotyping shows your level of maturity. You can't just come out and say all people are the same of a specific type. It's simply not true. Even identical twins live different lives. You make the Democrats look bad, you are what fuels trumpers ignorance with your own ignorance. Where do you think dumb comment like Democrats are baby killers come from? Democrats aren't trying to take all guns away... You saying this fuels the incompetence from the other political spectrum and probably why Hillary lost.

Well Educated Liberal

Excuse me but I have two Master's Degrees. Very few people have the qualifications to question me and if they are qualified, they will agree. Hillary did not lose the election! Check the results. THREE MILLION VOTES! She is the real president, not small handed child terrorist. I don't stereotype anyone. Neocon repukes are all the same. Uneducated, ignorant, misogynist, homophobic, Islamophobic racists that have no place in our society. And yes, we are going to take everyone's guns away. Like repukes, guns have no place in a civilized society. Ban them, confiscate them and lock up every last gun and buy-bull clinging hillbilly. Enough is ENOUGH! #Warren/Harris2020 #HillaryisMYPresident #I'mStillWithHer #neverdrumpf #resist #impeach #LockHimUp #FreedomFromReligion #BanAllGuns


Excuse you, indeed! I know some folks who work for Yale and have at least one masters degree each. I can vouch that having a masters degree is practically meaningless outside of it's respective field. Are we supposed to be impressed? Here's some free advice: no intellectual will take you seriously when you name call like a child. It's embarrassing for people who actually wish to have a real dialogue.. All the knowledge you have accrued yet somehow you have managed to avoid the wisdom required to properly direct that intelligence. This hyper-focus on far left ideology leaves you nearsighted and further erodes the ground on which both parties stand. For goodness' sake, keep your hate speech in the echo chamber within which you live.


You seem like you should be locked up in an institution. Just saying. Somehow if you had two brains I bet you'd be twice as stupid.

Well Educated Liberal

ohbilly, WRONG! Why do you think well educated people vote for Democrats? Because they're smarter, more compassionate, and have far superior critical thinking skills. This is why Democrats are so strong in cities and why those with no teeth living in trailer parks vote for repukes. 326, drumpf, dense and the rest of the neocons are the ones that should be in an institution. More like JAIL! #Warren/Harris2020 #HillaryisMYPresident #I'mStillWithHer #neverdrumpf #resist #impeach #LockHimUp #FreedomFromReligion #BanAllGuns


Alex is one crazy guy, and this just confirms it.

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