State police said Thursday they tapped K9 units to aid in a couple of burglary investigations in Ellington.

Troopers said they received calls about two separate burglary incidents in the town.

It was certainly no smash-and-grab. The thieves took their time, using a ladder to climb on the roof to disable the alarm system before trying to get away with cash and cigarettes.

"It's emotionally draining because you don't expect it,” said Sibylle Rogalla, co-owner of the Ellington Depot Deli and Gas Station.

She and Frank Rogalla have owned the establishment for 39 years, and the couple said they've been burglarized five times in the past, but every time is just as upsetting.

Police believe two men caught on the store’s surveillance cameras are responsible.

In the video, one man is seen bashing in the front door of the deli. A window was also broken during the early morning escapade.

The Rogalla's say the thieves made off with some cigarettes, but were unsuccessful trying to grab money from an ATM.

Just about 40 minutes earlier, and just a few tenths of a mile down the street, the Lakeside Deli and Market on Stafford Road was burglarized. The ATM was stolen as well.

State police are still investigating the burglaries. Anyone with information should contact police.

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