KILLINGWORTH, CT (WFSB) - A green part of Killingworth may be bulldozed to make way for a green project.

Twenty-five acres of trees near Chatfield Hollow State Park could soon be home to a solar farm.

Some people in town say this just isn’t the right place for this.

They offered alternate locations, but the developers say the contract is tied to this specific piece of land.

Dan Perkins grew up in Killingworth with vast forests near Chatfield Hollow State Park.

When his father died, the land was divided between relatives.

Perkins, who happens to be a relative of a Channel 3 employee, says recently his nephew sold his share for $250,000.

The new owner is renting the space to Standard Solar, which plans to build a solar farm.

“I think it’s not an appropriate use of this land,” said Dan Perkins.

On Thursday evening, more than 100 people packed the firehouse, sharing their thoughts about chopping 25 acres down to build solar panels.

“In order to make an omelet, you need to break some eggs,” said C.J. Colavito, Vice President of Engineering at Standard Solar.

C.J. Colavito from Standard Solar says less than 30 percent of the company’s projects require chopping down trees, but the practice is more common in the northeast.

“Areas which have forests are some of the few areas eligible for solar PV development,” said Colavito.

Many offered alternative spaces near the town dump or school roofs, but Standard Solar explains that can’t happen.

Connecticut has a zero-emission renewable energy credit program, which is an incentive for green business.

Colavito says the contract is tied to this specific piece of land.

“Without the contract, the project doesn’t work and without the site, the project doesn’t work,” said Colavito.

Based on the response, many locals are hoping the project doesn’t get off the ground.

It needs to be approved by the state and if it is, developers say work could begin by April and the solar farm will be up and running by the end of the year.

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The radical leftist elite have spoken and you must comply. Per AOC, this solar farm will run the whole country. Really, she did the math and it will work. Just don't question her.

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