HARTFORD, CT (WFSB) - He's been in office a little over a month, but Governor Lamont wants to put the brakes on spending.

He's proposing a "debt diet,” slashing millions from what the state borrows.

It’s a plan Republican leaders seem to like.

Republicans and Democrats tend to disagree more often, but this may be an area of common ground.

It's still early, the legislative session has really just begun, but Senate Republicans like some of the things Connecticut’s new governor is saying.

"We got to say we are on a diet. We have to slip that dessert because we can't afford it at this time,” said Senator Len Fasano.

In the debt-diet, Lamont is talking about reducing state spending $50 million a year.

He wants to prioritize how money is spent on transportation.

"What we have right now a mish mash of projects that have no prioritization, no sense of project one through ten, one through twenty,” said Senator Tony Hwang.

Senate Republicans also support more public private partnerships, to make government more efficient and less costly.

One idea is to have car dealerships do some DMV services, and have AAA do more than just license renewals.

Lamont, a businessman, talked a lot about getting private companies more involved with state government.

"When it comes to bonding, we have been on a bonding binge for the last 8 years, up by 50 percent over $500 million a year. Our fixed costs are going like this, but our revenue is way down here, that’s absolutely unsupportable,” Lamont said.

Cities and towns may not be too happy with the so called "debt-diet” since they rely on state money for lots of projects.

Lamont says he plans to keep the state's commitment to cities and town when it comes to education money for cities.

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