NEW BRITAIN, CT (WFSB) - Under the governor’s budget proposal, many things that didn’t have a sales tax are joining a long list to change this.

Hoping to get a fair share of the budget pie is higher education.

Governor Ned Lamont is proposing to add a sales tax to textbooks, affecting college students.

Meanwhile, colleges and universities are worried about a budget shortfall, which could call for another tuition hike also affecting students.

Central Connecticut State University students say there’s no other way to see it, college is too costly.

After paying tuition, there’s the textbooks. Throw a sales tax on there, which adds another burden.

“I already pay enough for textbooks, like this semester I paid $400. And if there’s a sales tax on that that would be a lot more money,” said Tess Atkinson, CCSU student.

Some students said they’re easily dropping six to seven hundred dollars this semester on textbooks.

“That’s almost as much as my tuition for the semester,” said Joseph Campbell, a CCSU student.

Now, another possible major expense hovers over them.

Today, the president of Connecticut State Colleges and Universities is asking for the governor to increase the state’s funding.

As of now, estimations show if state funding doesn’t increase and there is no tuition hike, then community colleges will face a $25.3 million budget shortfall.

For universities, the shortfall is at $31.7 million.

The number crunching is too much for students who still haven’t bought books for this semester.

“College is already too expensive in connecticut. We’re having, for the last few years as a Central student, the tuition has increase every single year,” said Victor Ivanconstanza.

If tuition doesn't increase, the danger for community colleges is it's budget shortfall is more than half its reserves, a rainy day fund, basically. 

State universities are in a bit better shape by comparison, but want to close its deficit. 

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Colleges and universities paying too much money for their presidents. That's the problem.


Why is anyone complaining the cost of an education is going up? They're going to get free college soon. And after college a free income. Everything will be great.

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