HARTFORD, CT (WFSB) -- Gov. Ned Lamont will be releasing his new transportation plan to fix roads, bridges and rails across the state.

The $21 billion transportation plan, which includes fewer tolls than his initial plan, and takes on 56 projects to upgrade state highways and improve rail services.

The plan was leaked to Channel 3 on Wednesday, but Lamont officially released it on Thursday. 

user fee.JPG

Here's a look at the chart when it comes to rates under the revised plan

Read more about the full plan here.

The revised plan calls for 14 tolls that would generate about $300 million a year, and would include $4 to $5 billion in federal borrowing.

"The problem is we have some severe choke points that were built into the design of these highways many years ago, and if we fix choke points, we can dramatically improve commuting times," Lamont said on Thursday.

Tolls would go up along I-95 in Stamford, Norwalk, West Haven, East Lyme, and the Gold Star Bridge connecting New London and Groton.

Gantries would also be on I-84 in Newtown, Waterbury, West Hartford and the Charter Oak Bridge in Hartford, and on I-395 in Plainfield, Route 8 in Waterbury, Route 9 in Middletown, I-684 in Greenwich and the Merritt Parkway in Norwalk.

The cost of the tolls for cars would be between $0.50 and $1. In-state residents with an EZ-pass would get a 20 percent discount. Tractor trailers would pay seven times the car rate.

The plan is also expected to reduce congestion on I-95, mostly from Bridgeport south, and it would expand Tweed and Sikorsky airports and connect Waterbury to the Naugatuck Valley with train service to New York City.

Senate Republicans say the governor's plan is thorough, but tolls are problematic.

"You have to understand the plan, read the plan, [we have an] obligation to governor to review plan and take it in," said Republican State Senator Len Fasano.

The governor has met with Republican leaders and he has shared his plan and the numbers.

The GOP doesn't have a solution but is open to having an alternative.

Lamont is supported by business leaders who say Connecticut’s economic future is at stake.

"We think the life blood of the state is its workforce and we are hamstringing it right now. We are preventing it from moving around the state,” said Stamford business owner H. Darrell Harvey.

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I guess that one guy forgot that the State of Connecticut voted for a transportation lock box that will keep funds earmarked for transportation separate from the general fund.


"We think the life blood of the state is its workforce and we are hamstringing it right now. We are preventing it from moving around the state,” said Stamford business owner H. Darrell Harvey. Business owners like H. Darrell Harvey trying to hamstring the state residents. Residents will have a more difficult time travelling through towns with extra traffic clogging the roads avoiding tolls. I90 in Mass has route 20 where you can bypass the theft road for an additional few minutes of travel. Especially when I90 is backed up. Massachusetts roads are horrible, any resident of the state will tell you this tolls system is a lie. Inflation will get you. Stagnant wages would be a better thing to focus on. Can't afford tolls.


How about some transparency. Who are these business' pushing for tolls so we can boycott them?


Taxation without representation is theft.


Supported by business' but not it's people. Is this how far Capitalism has gone? Capitalism is fine if it's working for Americans. The problem is these businesses only care about profits to their companies. Not the interest of the states residents. How about putting tolls on a ballot? Because it would never pass.

Well Educated Liberal

Only 14? Nowhere near enough. The revenue is needed desperately. Roads, bridges, education, and those in need. I am a single mother with 7 biracial children. The money is needed to support my family. Personally I would be more in favor of locking up every neocon, seizing their assets and distributing it among everyone evenly but no way with that mango madman illegally inhabiting the White House. Once the Warren/Harris administration takes over, social justice and equality will prevail.

#Warren/Harris2020 #HillaryisMYPresident #I'mStillWithHer #neverdrumpf #resist #impeach #LockHimUp #FreedomFromReligion #BanAllGuns #PositivelyBlue #VoteBlueNoMatterWho


who cares? state already in septic system Nobody cares anymore.


Cars trying to bypass these tolls may bring in business to towns. Who is going to pay for the increased traffic of town roads. Guess who? People who live in those towns that now have to deal with the increase in traffic. More stop and go wearing breaks. The list goes on. This is not even elementary school education type of thought process with these proposals. Cost of goods and services will increase as well. This is a snowball effect on CT residents pockets. Misrepresentation of tax dollars is theft. That is what Lamont is doing. Finding ways to steal money from tax paying citizens. Lamont is not representing my tax dollars or anyone I know.


The guy is tone deaf to the situation. Just stop. We didn't vote for this. Let's drop it until we can vote on it specifically. CT residents don't want it. This proposal still has much hypocrisy especially with things like the charter oak bridge, seriously mostly snag instate residents which is the opposite of trying to bring in revenue from out of state drivers. Just stop already.


Weak, not creative, mainstream liberal tax and spend polices that got CT into the mess it's in, wash and repeat. This is the just the beginning, as prices will go up and the number of tolling places will increase steadily. Lamont promised something different, and voters bought it hook line and sinker, even though his background suggested otherwise. We don't have a revenue problem, we have a spending problem.

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