HARTFORD, CT (WFSB) - On Tuesday afternoon, Gov. Ned Lamont released what he called a "working draft" of a transportation proposal, which includes tolls.

In the 24-page proposal, the governor proposes no more than a total of 50 gantries.

Tolls would be placed on I-84, I-91, I-95 and Route 15.

The proposed cost is 4.4 cents per mile during peak travel periods, which could vary by no more than 1.3 cents. Off peak would be 3.5 cents per mile.

The CT Transportation Commission, a new panel created by Lamont, will decide what is peak and not peak.

After seeing the proposal, are you on board with tolls? Click here to vote in our poll.

After seeing Lamont’s proposal, are you on board with tolls?

You voted:

The proposal also says toll rates will not be increased for the first three years.

It also mentions discounts or credits to customers who frequently travel on tolled highways.

Also in the draft is a proposal to lower the gas tax by $0.05 over five years.

Read the full proposal here.

“The bottom line is he has to get to $1 billion. I don’t if these numbers add up to $1 billion, there’s no evidence of that, there is no proof of that, and if the purpose of this plan is to get to $1 billion and this plan doesn’t then why are we doing it,” said Republican State Senator and Minority Leader Len Fasano.

However, Democrats argue this draft is only the beginning of an ongoing debate that will continue in a special session on tolls this summer.

The House speaker is urging Republicans to come up with a better transportation plan.

"They need to make a decision. Whether infrastructure improvements in the state are important and willing to do or not. If it's not, then step to the side and let us do our job and stop throwing rocks from the sidelines,” said Rep. Joe Aresimowicz, Democratic House Speaker.

The Republican plan would borrow $750 million a year for transportation.

There is opposition to tolls, as a large anti-toll rally was held this past weekend.

Also, the Connecticut Business and Industry Association came out against tolls, saying in part "At this time of fiscal instability due to high state spending and fixed costs, we cannot support highway tolls." Read its full statement here.

Lawmakers have yet to vote on two-year budget that is said to be a work in progress with the governor.

Democratic leaders expect that will be finalized before the session ends in two weeks.

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(5) comments


I don't understand if all the polls from the people of CT are almost 75% against tolls why the voters and citizens of CT don't matter, I thought everyone matter. It is really wrong for politician who get a lot of free benefits from our taxes are allowed to decide this matter for the hard working class of people and are making it more difficult for working families. I think we pay enough in Gas tax, CT taxes, and Town tax. I think the real question is where is the money going, oh for the politicians free gas, free med insurance for life, pay raises and getting more than 15.oo an hour, for free transportation, for protection for some of them, oh Lamont gets his free house in Hartford with all the services, maid, gardener, driveway plowed, security, etc. WE are paying for all this for this man that what to make our lives more difficult, it is bad enough then a lot of middle class people have to work 2 jobs to owe a house in CT, can't afford security, gardener, snow plowing, maid, and don't have health care, and free gas. This guy is a billionaire and the people of CT should have seen he was a liar that why he never made governor before or a mayor, and to him paying tolls is nothing, he probably won't even have to pay them when in office just like the politicians voting on this issue they probably won't have to pay either, we the people of CT will be paying for their toll costs out of our taxes and paychecks. And most of the politicians are very rich to begin with unfortunately that is how they get into office they use their money for campaigns etc. If I wanted to run I would not have a chance against these guys, cause they don't work for months and months out in field gathering votes, spending tons of money of news and TV ads. Go to banquets that cost hundred dollars or more for fund raisers. Can we do that, No way. We need to get more working class people that make under 100,000 in office to decide our future of CT, not these bums that don't work and are rich and get everything for free. Oh I forgot about all the travel they do for free and the luncheons and dinners for free. All of us are paying for these things, Enough is enough. Lamont has to go and I am sure he will never make second term. He is the LOSER. And who the heck voted for this pathetic looking guy anyways.


Any more than 0 is more than we voted for.


What about the annual car's town tax?

Jules Winnfield

I would accept tolls in Connecticut with two conditions.
1.) All politicians are limited to two terms. Period. After that go find a real job, and become a millionaire without the assistance of taxpayers.
2.) No raises voted in for any politician in Connecticut until 2030


let's extend those conditions to include that EVERY politician in CT pay tolls as well and NOT have that count as a tax deduction - if the politicians in our state represent us, they they too must feel the financial burden we feel because they represent us - agreed? (I can almost hear the grumbling now....)

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