(WFSB) – President Donald Trump took to social media going at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention guidelines for reopening schools.

Trump also had a warning for schools that choose not to reopening.

He called the CDC’s recommendations “very tough” and “expensive.” Some of those guidelines encourage hygiene, wearing face masks, and staying home when people feel sick.

Trump also threatened that he “may cut off funding” to schools that do not reopen. The bulk of public-school funding comes from state and local governments.

Trump threatens to cut federal aid if schools don't reopen

“It’s time to be open. It’s time to stay open and we will put out the fires as they come up, but we have to open our schools. It’s so important to open our schools,” Trump said.

Channel 3 spoke to Governor Ned Lamont about Trump’s tweet criticizing the CDC on their recommended guidelines.

“We don’t have to be ordered to open our schools. The CDC metrics we have months of infections, lower infection rates, so I think we can open up safely, but the idea is the president ordering people in Miami, Houston, Phoenix, you got to open. At the same time, you have 30 to 40 percent infection rate in those communities. I think he was right when he said leave it up to the local governors,” Lamont said.

Trump's comments are also not sitting with the one of the teacher's unions in CT. 

"Unfortunately, we have a president and a secretary of Education that just aren't that supportive of public schools," said Jeff Leake, Connecticut Education Association. 

Connecticut plans to reopen schools in the fall, but under strict guidelines. Staff, students, and teachers have to wear face masks, even on the school bus. They will also be utilizing social distancing in classrooms.

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(4) comments


This debate is a joke. If President Trump withholds Federal funds, the Left will sue him to release the funds. The courts are packed with leftist judges. One of them will order the release of the money. A higher court, also run by a leftist judge, will concur. The money will be released. Much ado about nothing.


It matters to people that have children in school. If it does not concern you then why comment?


You sound like a child, Mike.


your health is more important than anything else in this world - including education!...without your health, you have nothing - except problems. There are many things that "should" happen, but there are also alternatives to the primary - none of them deserve an ultimatum for anyone..including the #$%! president!

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