HARTFORD, CT (WFSB) - The governor said on Friday that though data showed that the curve of coronavirus was indeed flattening, it was not the time to relax social distancing.

Gov. Ned Lamont addressed the state during a 10 a.m. news conference.

"We are fighting a war against this virus," Lamont said. "It is the invisible enemy and we are going to win this war. I have gotten lots of notes from folks saying 'we have won the war and it's time for me to reopen my bar, reopen my restaurant, re-open my barbershop, [the] president says we are winning.' I just have to remind people this silent enemy doesn't just surrender."

COVID-19 numbers on Friday morning sat at just under 9,800 cases and 380 deaths. More than 1,400 people were hospitalized.

Lamont announced on Friday that he signed an executive order to provide renters assistance. The order will implement a 60-day grace period for April and May rent for tenants who lost their jobs or revenue.

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It will also prevent people from being evicted.

The governor is also making more help available for those who rely on social services.

He also said he has no plans to cancel the state's presidential primary.

Alternative dates are being looked into as well as the possibility of voting by mail.

As mentioned on Thursday, Lamont delayed the opening of schools until May 20. The governor also said that would be the earliest date that any restaurant or bar will be able to reopen.

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Lamont said he's grateful and impressed with all of the donations and acts of kindness during the pandemic.

"There was a group we were leaving out they are just as likely to lose their source of income, so we worked closely to give people a 90 day break and give people a breath until we get economy get going,” Lamont said.

More than 300,000 Connecticut residents have filed for unemployment in just the past few weeks. Lamont said it's crucial that the federal government give states the money they need to help those people.

The virus and the shutdown of so many businesses has affected an overwhelming number of people out of work and some of the neediest families are struggling to put food on the table

The Department of Social Services has seen a spike in SNAP or food requests. They've received four times the number of applications, expedited cases, and those considered emergencies are handled in two days, the rest between 12-14 days

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