Large metallic object puzzling beachgoers removed from water

This object was removed from the beach in Westerly on Thursday (WFSB)

A mysterious metal object was discovered lodged underwater off a beach right over the state line in Westerly, Rhode Island.

On Thursday, a crew went in to remove the object.

The circular eight-legged metallic object has puzzled beachgoers and was found just down the beach from Taylor Swift's house.

"Me and my dad went out to see it before the crane came in the water to do,” said Jack Brockmann, of Stamford, who waded in the water with his dad to check it out.

The object was taken to an undisclosed location.

The East Beach Association first brought attention to the object after sharing underwater images several weeks ago.

One theory oceanographers gave was that it could be a device to monitor currents and sediment flow.

An archaeologist on the beach had his own theory.

"Well it's not that mysterious it's been here forever you know. It's been marked by a buoy for the past several years. It's a big piece of concrete and metal that they used probably as a buoy for rescue rafts when there were shipwrecks here back when,” said Stephen Carini, of North Stonington.

But many are still baffled and there still remains more questions.

Whatever the outcome, it certainly peaked interest and most people said it certainly gave them something to talk about.

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