Larger bags no longer allowed at certain movie theaters

Cinemark says you can no longer bring big bags to its theaters (WFSB)

Heading to the movie theater? You might want to leave your oversized pocketbook or bag at home.

That’s because one theater is changing up its policy with your safety in mind.

Cinemark says the move is to keep movie goers and their staff safe.

It goes for bags and packages, and some say they don’t have a problem with it.

“I think anything movie theaters, stores, theme park can do to make us safer, I’m willing to do and I think in this day and age, we have to be able to put ourselves out keep ourselves safe,” said Georgia Adelman, of Meriden.

She says she’ll leave her bigger pocketbooks at home the next time she heads out to the movies.

The company says “in an effort to enhance safety and security of our guests and employees: any bags or packages measuring larger than 12 by 12 by six will not be permitted into the theater.”

Cinemark has more than 330 theaters in the U.S., including locations in North Haven, Milford, Manchester, and Enfield.

“If you bring a child to the movie theater, you’ve got to have your bag with all the diapers and everything so I feel like it’s not fair to them, but for those who sneak stuff in with their backpacks and pocketbooks, it’s more of a safety risk for everyone else,” Davon Pearson, of New Haven.

No worries there, Cinemark will make an exception for medical equipment bags and diaper bags, but it adds it reserves the right to inspect all bags and packages entering the theater.

They’re not alone with bag policies. Regal Cinemas, which also has theaters in Connecticut says “As a general rule, all backpacks, packages and large bags of any kids and subject to inspection. However, our admission policies may be modified periodically as necessary to ensure, to the extent possible, the safety of our guests.”

As for Cinemark, if you bring a bag that’s too big, you’ll have to turn around and head back to your car to drop it off. That’s because Cinemark says it does not have an area to check bags or any other personal belongings not allowed in the theater.

The new bag policy goes into effect Thursday.

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