WINDSOR, CT (WFSB) – The spotlight is back on local high schools and the town of Killingly voting to bring back a mascot that many deemed racist. 

Due to the uproar in the quiet corner of the state, one lawmaker is proposing to end the debate once and for all by simply forcing schools to change mascots.

Windsor is known at the Warriors and part of the mascot has an arrow with red and white feathers, which invokes Native Americans.

If this proposal were to pass, the signage, maybe even the name, would be stripped.

“When we’re going out and have the Warriors across our chest, it’s describing who we are and how we play,” said Justice Ellison, Windsor High School.

Justice Ellison is a Windsor Warrior. The senior basketball star could be one of the last to wear that name that generations have come to know.

Windsor, along with more than a dozen schools across the state, use Native American names or imagery with their mascots.

Most recently and most notably, Killingly reverted back to the Redmen mascot in a controversial battle that caught the attention of the nation.

“We really need to take a hard look at what we’re doing and the message we’re sending to our students,” said Rep. Bobby Gibson, 15th District.

What happened in Killingly has prompted local lawmakers like House Speaker Joseph Aresimowicz and Rep. Bobby Gibson to look at removing all Native American names from high schools.

That would include Rep. Gibson’s 15th District, which covers Windsor.

“Our kids are growing up hearing these names, mascots, so what are they really thinking about indigenous people,” Gibson said.

Maine is the only state in the country imposing a ban like this. Connecticut would the second and would go even further. Lawmakers are exploring if they could withhold funding from towns that don’t comply.

“I think that’s something to think about, do we really want our tax dollars going to something that’s going to actually put some of our people in a bad light,” Gibson said.

In Windsor, the superintendent says this proposal will spark a local discussion and if it does pass on a state level, the district will comply.

“I see where people are coming from, where people can see it as offensive, but I see it on the other end, where it’s fine in a way. Warriors is kind of broad,” Ellison said.

This is just a proposal, so it’s far from becoming a law.

Channel 3 reached out to CIAC, looking for their stance on this. They say it’s totally up to the towns.

If passed, at least 18 schools in Connecticut would be impacted:

  1. Canton Warriors
  2. Conard Chieftains
  3. Derby Red Raiders
  4. Farmington Indians
  5. Glastonbury Tomahawks
  6. Guilford Indians
  7. Killingly Redmen
  8. Montville Indians
  9. Newington Indians
  10. Nonnewaug Chiefs
  11. North Haven Indians
  12. RHAM Sachems
  13. Torrington Red Raiders
  14. Wamogo Warriors
  15. Watertown Indians
  16. Wilcox Tech Indians
  17. Windsor Warriors
  18. Valley Regional Warriors

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(11) comments


well.....i guess when you can't get your way, you use your connections and get a law passed. look out people......change is coming.


I don't believe one single school intends for these mascots to be racist. I think quite the contrary, I believe they are honoring Native Americans. this is pushed by politicians and a few who are perpetually looking to affect others lives.


With all the more important issues we got going on and need to be thinking about and working on.You mean these people have the nerve to make this a focus. Start putting them on blast and tell them get a life and make positive change.


Oh please. How about the Cleveland INDIANS? or the SACHEM school district on Long Island. Or I suppose we should call out the Piper Aircraft Company for naming virtually all its aircraft after Indians (Navajo, Seneca, Cherokee, etc.). Give me a break.


This is insane. What a waste of time and money. Does anyone really care about school mascots? And isn't it kind of an honor to have one named after you? Btw-vikings were warriors, people in the military are warriors, the Amazon women were warriors! A lot of these mascots are kind of broad. And, we have much bigger probs in this state, quit searching for problems, and making up issues


Hypersensitive snowflakes need to grow up. Seems these leftist lunatics are desperate for something to whine about.


Here's the problem, again, you people who voted for these Democrats, take note. Ct is in a complete downward spiral. We are deep in debt, have major Corporations and business moving out with many of the highest earners and taxpayers following them, and what's worse, we have Unions running the State. In fact, did you know SpeakerJoseph Aresimowicz is employed by AFSCME Council 4a, which represents state and municipal workers? Seriously, that's how he makes his living, and somehow thats not considered a Conflict of Interest in the CT House of Representatives?? We have infrastructure issues, opioid problems, average 29 murders a year in our Capitol City, Hartford, and this is the fight they choose to take up in the Legislative building? Not only does it trample on the local legislative leaders and local voters decision making, but it also diverts energy and focus from the real problems in CT. We need to vote these representatives out, and bring in people who are more interested in bringing CT out of sure bankruptcy, then their morally superior perceived wrongdoings of High School mascots. Poor leadership, and low intelligence legislative measures are crippling our State..


We will look like a mini California in no time of we let these democrat socialists take over.


Perfectly said.


Are you kidding me? Millions of $'s in debt& we're talking about this. It's time to get back to some real work ok?


Exactly how I felt when I seen this madness

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