HARTFORD, CT (WFSB) - Those who support paid family leave are taking their fight to the state capitol.

They delivered a petition with 5,000 signatures to the governor.

Lawmakers are considering legislation.

It's complicated because several things need to be worked out like wages.

There are also questions of should they cover 100 percent and what is a family?

It's a policy many support but disagree on much is too much.

These families want paid leave, and they want lawmakers to pass it soon.

“There a tremendous appetite among voters, small businesses and within this building to get it done before the end of session,” said Catherine Bailey, CT Women’s Education Legal Fund.

They delivered their petition to Governor Ned Lamont on his 99th day in office.

Among them was 7-year-old Winnie who came with her mother.

“When she was born I took off 12 weeks without pay. It created a lot of stress. but then my mother was diagnosed with cancer and I could not take off,” said Liz Halla-Mattlingly.

Lawmakers are considering a few versions of paid leave.

The governor's bill allows up to 3 months, compensation varies depending on salary. The more you make the less you get.

Employees are the ones who pay for it.

A small percentage is taken from your paycheck.

“Paid family leave is a laudable concept, but people need to understand this is a mandatory wage payroll tax. You will have money taken out of your check, half a percentage, whether you use this plan or not,” said Rep. Themis Klarides.

Paid leave would help employees with an illness as well as their family’s members.

Some question who is considered family.

“There is this notion of fraud and abuse. You have people out on leave 11 weeks because they will get paid. People are on leave now,” said Rep. Matt Ritter.

There are provisions to require people to see a doctor for proof.

This is something many support, but small businesses have raised concerns whether there will be enough money to pay for paid leave.

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