HARTFORD, CT (WFSB) - A 24-hour hearing about vaccine exemptions in Connecticut started on Tuesday morning.

It's expected to wrap up at 9 a.m. on Wednesday.

Lawmakers have been discussing whether or not to eliminate the nonmedical exemption to the state's immunization requirement.

One of the two bills being discussed is labeled "SB568."

Its description says it would "eliminate the nonmedical exemption to the immunization requirement for individuals attending public or private school from prekindergarten through grade twelve, individuals in higher education and children in day care settings."

A hearing over vaccine exemptions got under way on Tuesday morning.

The bill was introduced by Sen. Mary Daugherty Abrams of the state's 13th District.

On Tuesday morning, parents and advocates spoke out about the bill during the virtual hearing.

Last year, a public hearing on a similar bill lasted more than 21 hours.

This year, it was capped at 24 hours.

A motion to keep the hearing going indefinitely failed, and that was followed by a firestorm of criticism. 

"Why does an infected person have the right to go to school, but an unvaccinated person does not?" asked Maddalena Cirignotta. 

Those against the legislation said it’s an overreach by the government.

A 24-hour hearing over vaccine exemptions got under way on Tuesday morning.

“So why are we here attempting to desecrate one of the first freedoms that our forefathers came to this world seeking to exercise,” said Lindy Urso of Greenwich.

A group called Vaccinate Your Family did a survey which found 90 percent of Connecticut parents felt children should be required to receive vaccines, and 87 percent agree children should be vaccinated to attend schools and daycares. 

If lawmakers vote to eliminate the religious exemption, some said they will continue to fight.

"They are not going to comply with the vaccination schedule, which they don't feel is right for their families, so they will end up having their kids expelled from school," said Leeann Ducat, founder of Informed Choice USA.

A hearing over vaccine exemptions got under way on Tuesday morning.

The bill does not cover the COVID-19 vaccine.

More than 1,900 people signed up to speak in the virtual hearing.

A vote on one of the bills could come next week before it heads to the full state House of Representatives and state Senate.

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(11) comments


When your unvaccinated kid gets sick, YOU pay the bills, do not expect other taxpayers or even insurance to pick up those costs. And if taxpayer funded home tutoring is indicated, YOU can pick up that cost as well.


Your right to free religon ends when it affects others health. We have the right to live despite your crazy paranoia.


1. If the vaccines protect your children, you have nothing to fear from the unvaccinated.

2. This bill includes anyone born since 1956 who wants to go to college. Can't produce your vaccine records? Prepare to get jabbed 30 or so times before you enroll.

3. This bill will give the DPH the right to decide which vaccines are required. And they will require the HPV shot, an annual flu shot AND the Covid shot.

4. The state does not have the right to require any person to inject themselves with toxins, period. Vaccines have risks, and where there is risk, there MUST be choice. I repeat, if YOU are vaccinated, you don't have to fear the unvaccinated... unless the vaccines don't work.


Here is the issue you seem to forget. I don't think only of myself. I think about the people that can't get it because of allergies, and the like. I care about other people in this world. I wasn't failed by my parents and I didn't become selfish.


Cool tj. Titer. Look it up and stop pretending you know what you are talking about.


We have to meet certain requirements before we can do many things, from getting a license to drive a car, pay a fee to take a class, be a certain height to ride an amusement park ride. We have an obligation to protect both ourselves and others from getting sick whenever possible. When the means are available to prevent disease it does everyone good to avail yourself of the protection. Unless your child medically can't take a vaccine because of an underlying issue then the child should be administered the vaccine. It is like the driver license for being able to attend school. If you don't meet the requirement then you don't go to school. It is rather selfish to not only protect your own child but to risk infecting another one because of your beliefs. If you don't want to meet the requirements then keep your child at home and out of the schools. Is it really in your child's best interest to subject them to a debilitating disease if it is within your power to protect them? And is it morally ok to allow your child to infect another kid who because of a medical condition can't receive a vaccine? Vaccines are proven safe and effective.


there goes another First amendment right- FREEDOM OF RELIGION. the Dems are already silencing the FREEDOM of SPEECH right


You do realize that freedom of religion also means freedom from religion, right? And, religion and speech are covered under the same amendment.


For those that want to claim a religious exemption, didn't your god put us all here? Are we not all made in his image? So, wouldn't that mean that your god put those men and women here that created to vaccines to help all of his creations?


God put them here, but that does not mean he condones the use of aborted fetal tissue in vaccines. We have the right to refuse to participate in abortion and still attend public school. Do your research Dan. It is the use of fragmented human DNA in vaccines that has led to the explosion of autoimmune disease. We're teaching our bodies to reject themselves.


I would love a peer reviewed citation on that claim.

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