WINDSOR LOCKS, CT (WFSB) - Federal workers went to work on Friday expecting to miss another paycheck as the shutdown entered it's 35th day. 

However, President Donald Trump made an announcement around 1:30 p.m. saying a deal was reached to end the government shutdown. 

He also said that federal workers will receive back pay as soon as possible for the paychecks they have missed since the government shutdown started. 

Around 800,000 federal workers were affected by the partial government shutdown.

Even though a deal has been reached workers at Bradley International Airport don't believe they are in the clear yet. 

"There's some happiness there, some relief," said Adrian Pellot, TSA worker. 

There is no exact date of when the workers will receive back pay, but Trump said as soon as possible. 

"It'll allow me to pay what I need to pay, make sure I'm staying current on everything and achieve some level of normalcy," said Pellot. 

Pellot is one of dozens of TSA workers who have kept Bradley Airport functioning during the shutdown. 

He says he and many of his colleagues were tapping into savings or using credit cards to get by, so Friday's announcement will ease the burden they've felt for weeks. 

But because the deal only lasts through Feb. 15, he says they're not in the clear.

"I want to believe that we can stop worrying, but history tells me differently," said Pellot. 

Congressman John Larson was at Bradley and commented on the end of the shutdown. 

"There may be a concurrent agreement to do a unanimous consent, which would open the government immediately. Either way, it's Congress' responsibility to get back and open up the government," said Larson. 

Senator Chris Murphy reacted to the end of the shutdown on Twitter. 

Representative Joe Courtney also reacted on Twitter. 

On Friday, Gov. Ned Lamont issued a statement saying “This is a welcomed reprieve for the federal workers whose lives have been needlessly turned upside down through no fault of their own. In the next 20 days, I encourage everyone to come to the table in good faith to find a way to reopen the government permanently and in a way that best underscores the values of our country and our people. Regardless, our state agencies will continue contingency planning so we’re prepared to support Connecticut federal workers and taxpayers alike.”

Senator Matt Lesser released a statement saying, “The Trump shutdown was cruel and reckless and ultimately self-defeating. It hurt families and businesses across the 9th Senate District; this is no way to run a country. I hope the President learns from this foolishness.”

Senator Richard Blumenthal released a statement Friday night saying, “On behalf of 800,000 American workers, I am grateful that President Trump has finally come to his senses and opened the government. This speech could and should have been given on December 22, 2018. Instead, President Trump put hundreds of thousands of American families through weeks of needless pain and hardship. I am thankful for the dedication of federal employees who kept coming to work and keeping our country safe, even as they may have struggled to make their mortgage or put food on the table. I hope this is the end of President Trump’s temper tantrums and the start of real Congressional leadership as we move ahead with a long-term spending plan and border security negotiations.”

Aviation workers picketed at Bradley Thursday night to alert the public to the potential security risks of the shutdown.

Airport officials at Bradley said workers have reported daily amid the shutdown and no payment. 

Other airports were plagued by workers calling out, which caused issues at several New England airports on Friday morning. 

Passengers at Bradley said that shows the integrity workers have there. 

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@Courtney/Murphy - Those are uneducated comments. This move is only temporary and you need to continue to help do what the people want and that is build the wall. The next shutdown should be with congress, stop all pay and benefits (health, pension etc.) with no back pay when it's over. You guys need to start doing your jobs and working for US and not your pocket books. Until I see you two refuse the extensive compensation packages you get, this country will continue to go down the toilet. Stop playing games and do what the constitution directs.


Democratic Sen. Michael Bennet of Colorado must not be aware that a majority of people feel there is a crisis at our southern border and that he is part of the problem as well. Regarding paychecks for workers, in Connecticut, union workers which are a special interest group of Democrats have received over 40% in salary increases over the last 10+ years while non-union employees have received less than 10% during that same timeframe. The non-union employees have also had more taken out of their pay to cover benefits while the Democrats special interest union employees have not had to pay the same share. The Democrat biased media has never once ran a story about that and it's been going on for over ten years now, forcing more employees into unions which cost the state taxpayer more.

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