Lawmakers want to see deposits on alcohol nip bottles

Lawmakers are hoping a deposit will reduce the litter (WFSB)

Future trips to the liquor store could soon end up costing you more.

Some New Haven lawmakers and the Elm City’s mayor would like to see deposits added to those small nip bottles.

From city sidewalk to parking lots, the small plastic bottles are everywhere, and plenty in New Haven have had enough with all the trash.

Lawmakers say the proposed $0.05 deposit on alcoholic nip bottles would help clean up cities by encouraging some much-needed recycling.

“I think it’s disgusting, you see them everywhere and it makes everything look like a piece of you know what,” said Carol Orsene, of New Haven.

Those behind the bill say it’s a litter problem, you see these bottles everywhere. But store owners say it amounts to another tax that would be bad for business.

“If you have $0.99, and you raise it, people will stop buying the product and they’ll be looking for something cheaper and cheaper, more and more,” said Mike Patel, of New Haven.

Patel has owned Liquor World on Whalley Avenue for 20 years. He says he agrees that something needs to be done to help with the liter.

“That’s a good idea, but for business, they’ll have to bring the empties back to the store, there’s going to be a mess, all the empties, stink, roaches, everything, there is too much for things like that,” Patel said.

Last year, Maine’s state legislature voted to add a $0.05 deposit on nips sold in its state.

In Connecticut, the bill has been sent to the Joint Committee on the Environment.

It’s not the only change being proposed to Connecticut’s bottle bill.

Just last month, Gov. Dannel Malloy proposed adding a $0.25 deposit for wine and liquor bottles, estimating it would bring in $13 million a year.

As right for now, Janet Smith would just like to see those drinking these nips to pitch their empties in the trash and not on her neighborhood sidewalk.

“All the time, they’re going to do that anyway, but they won’t do it if you put a $0.05 deposit. You can get a nickel back? There won’t be no litter,” Smith said.

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