FARMINGTON, CT (WFSB) – There are many questions tonight after Fotis Dulos was released from jail.

Why was he wearing an orange jumpsuit after being released and why did he stop at a grocery store?

Channel 3 spoke to a legal analyst about why this could have all been planned.

Moments after posting bond in connection to his wife Jennifer Dulos’ disappearance, Fotis was seen still wearing his orange inmate jumpsuit.

Criminal defense attorney, Ryan McGuigan says Fotis could have returned to jail first to pick up his personal clothing, but he understands why his lawyer allowed him to walk out in the jumpsuit.

“At that point, you do have to realize you’re a criminal defense attorney to your client. He respects you, but he’s been in jail for a few weeks now and he probably said, ‘I got to get out of here,’ so if that’s what you client is saying to you, then that’s what you do,” McGuigan said.

Fotis’ attorney, Norm Pattis also gave a press conference immediately after his client bonded out.

McGuigan says it may have been an early attempt at taking control of the narrative.

“There are certain cases that are played out in the media. What you want to do is control the media,” McGuigan said. “They can’t tell you what to do or say, but your story should be out in the media front and center, and you should be doing your best to control the narrative that the public heard.”

One thing about Fotis’ day in court did surprise McGuigan. Fotis showed up at family court on the same day for a custody hearing that he did not need to attend, then refused to answer any questions in court.

“He didn’t need to do that and so, we were all surprised that he would show up willing to testify and then plead the fifth [amendment], because that’s never a good look,” McGuigan said.

After Fotis was released on bond, Channel 3 questioned Fotis as he walked into a grocery store.

McGuigan says a man who lives down a private road going to such a public place may be part of a larger plan.

“I assume what the strategy is, is to humanize them and show that he goes to Whole Foods or wherever it is that he goes. He’s just shopping for groceries and it’s just a normal day for him. Maybe that’s what the strategy is, I can’t really understand it,” McGuigan said.

Fotis Dulos is expected to appear at the Hartford Probation Department in Hartford Wednesday morning. 

One of his attorney's says he will likely be formally paired up with his probation officer. 

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