HARTFORD, CT (WFSB) - Gas and oil prices are already high, but now some lawmakers are talking about a tax.

The tax would be added to fossil fuels, such as heating oil.

On its face ---this legislation would tax fossil fuels in an effort to get more people to use greener and cleaner energy, such as solar.

But not everyone can afford to switch over.

This was a pretty cold winter and heating bills were expensive.

Legislation before the Environment Committee could make those bills even higher.

"It’s another attempt at grabbing money out of everyone's pocket in Connecticut to prop up our general fund,” said Senator Eric Berthel.

Republican Senator Eric Berthel is skeptical, if a tax were to be used to help pay or even push people away from fossil fuels that would be one thing.

But he feels a tax would do nothing more than hurt consumers.

The tax, if passed on from the dealer to the consumer, would be 14 cents a gallon.

On a fill up of 150 gallons, that's $20 dollars more.

The tax would be on home heating oil as well as natural gas and propane.

Representative Ed Vargas, a Democrat from Hartford says he's heard from many constituents telling him to vote no.

"People feel this is such a vital part of people's lives, home heating oil, propane for cooking. That any burden on them and the distributors and the business people whose lively hoods depend on this are very concerned about this,” said Vargas.

Vargas and others feel taxing sugary drinks is one thing but a necessity like heating oil is another.

If the bill passes the Environment Committee, it will go to the House for a full vote.

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(11) comments


The left framed the 2018 election cycle as the “Orange man bad” election. Like him or not, he wasn’t on the ballot. Our money was on the ballot and the left voted to rob the middle and lower classes blind.


And how exactly do you heat your home with solar? It takes a good chunk of electricity to heat a house that way. Not to mention the cost to install both the panels and heating systems. They don't care about reducing fossil fuel usage- it's just a money grab as usual.


How long will CT taxpayers put up with this BS? Time to kick ever legislator to the dump!


people have a hard time getting money to keep warm and the state needs to tax heating oil ??? SHAME !! can't wait to see how the state will tax the air we breathe


I've read many ways governor wants to cash grab it's residents. Yet nothing about fixing the budget that is causing this mess. With as much revenue CT is already getting in taxes it seems criminal that the state can't manage all that money.


Tax everything!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Tax the money I earn, then the money I spend, tax my oil and gas, tax my electricity, tax my food and my vices, throw some tolls in there too to tax me as I go to work to start the whole cycle again. Its ok. Its not like I need money for anything else, like medical bills that are insane, or maybe the flat tire I get from the potholes that are supposed to be fixed with tax money. Tax tax tax. Tax tax tax.Tax tax tax. Tax tax tax.Tax tax tax. Tax tax tax.Tax tax tax. Tax tax tax.Tax tax tax. Tax tax tax.Tax tax tax. Tax tax tax.Tax tax tax. Tax tax tax.Tax tax tax. Tax tax tax.


They don't understand that the well is dry. Cut spending? Who would dare such a thing!


Have they ever thought of cutting spending??? I would love to see the credit scores of the tax and spend democrats, they're probably in the single digits. We need people who know that their job as an elected public servant is to do the will of the hard working taxpaying legal citizens of CT and improve their lives and their ability to achieve the American Dream


I think you would be surprised to know that republicans are not tax but still spend. That is how we got into this mess. Rowland and Rell are a big part of the situation we are currently in.


Roland & Rell had 16yrs between the both of them followed by 8yrs of Malloy who not only spent but dug us even deeper into debt. So now Ned (who I didn't vote for) is going to make much worse and your logic is to fall back on 2 Repubs that have been gone for over 8yrs. If you voted for Ned you got what you deserve.



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