The Liberty Bank Surprise Squad helped a husband and wife team that helps those in need.

Friends and family call Marva Patterson one of those selfless individuals. They said she is always thinking of others rather than themselves, even when times are tough.

“She's always doing for others and never asks for anything else or to get anything back in return,” Marva’s husband Tyrone Patterson said.

In addition to an annual coat drive, every year, Patterson does a drive for the kids at different schools, so she'll collect school supplies and different personal hygiene stuff.

“We're supposedly here to help one another on this Earth; and that's my mission,” Patterson said. “And that's my job.”

Patterson somehow manages to find the time to do this on top of working at HARC and going to school full-time.

But this year, Marva and her husband were in need of "hope.” after Tyrone Patterson fell ill. After losing his income, they suffered losses.

“We had a loss of a home, we lost our car...almost homeless,” Tyrone Patterson said.

But through the love for one another, their faith, and the support of their community that Marva Patterson so often gives back to. They have managed to keep their spirits high.

“And losing a home or a car is not important--because those things can be replaced,” Marva Patterson said.

“But then when we get people like you guys, it's truly a blessing,” Tyrone Patterson said.

After reading Tyrone Patterson's nomination about his wife, the Liberty Bank Surprise Squad found themselves at HARC hiding out in the lobby and waiting for Marva Patterson.

“I know there's been a lot going on personally,” Nicole Nalepa said. “We understand you lost your home and the car after he got sick. And he just said that he loves his wife so much and he feels that you were deserving of something a little special.”

The Liberty Bank Surprise Squad handed off bags of donations for Marva's school drive...

“Oh, what a blessing! Thank you so much,” Marva Patterson said.

However, Nicole Nalepa and the Liberty Bank Surprise Squad had another surprise for Marva Patterson.

“I don't think I can handle anything else,” Marva Patterson said.

“We have one more thing for you,” Nicole Nalepa said

Nicole Nalepa handed Marva Patterson a card with a trip to a spa.

If you'd like to contribute to Marva's mission in helping Hartford students. People can drop-off any school supplies and personal hygiene items at HARC located on Asylum Street. This drive runs until Aug. 20.

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