Liberty Bank Surprise Squad washes away worries of soon-to-be-married robbery victims

Brian White and Lauren McKenna. (WFSB photo)

This week, the Channel 3 Liberty Bank Surprise Squad was able to wash away the worries of a Waterbury couple that's getting married this weekend just weeks after they were robbed.

Brian White works at that Platinum Car Wash in Waterbury.

He and his fiance Lauren McKenna are getting married on Saturday.

It's an exciting time except for an unfortunate situation that recently happened.

"About a month ago, they had fallen on some really hard times," said Blaire Cables, White's coworker. "Brian's car was stolen."

"I woke up on my day off, and I went outside and my car wasn't where I parked it," White said. "I found it across town,16 hours later, stripped."

"Money was really tight and they were really stressed out," Cables said. "So when all that happened, his wife contacted the news station because she had heard about this Surprise Squad."

"I just felt like he needed some help and I saw him kind of break," McKenna said. "I'm just so happy you guys are here."

With the help of White's coworkers and his wife-to-be, the squad was able to pull off a big surprise.

The Liberty Bank Surprise Squad learned that McKenna and the couple's daughter, Carmella Rose, tried to distract White moments before hand.

"She said there was a problem with the car; and I said, 'there's no problem with the car' and I got to get back to work," White said.

Since money was tight, the couple's honeymoon was on a very tight budget.

"We were planning on going away to Lake George," McKenna said.

The squad gave them extra spending money for their first time away as husband and wife.

Even Carmella was speechless.

"Getting married, going away for a couple days, going on his Honeymoon, and now he doesn't have to worry about it," said Daniel Mennillo, owner of Platinum Car Wash.

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