Liberty Bank SurPRIZE Squad helps out CT woman after cancer diagnosis

Lisa MacClain is known for having a big heart. (WFSB)

The Liberty Bank SurPRIZE Squad helped provide some food for a Connecticut woman struggling after her restaurant closed and she was diagnosed with cancer.

Each week, the Liberty Bank SurPRIZE Squad helps a family in need. They sift through nominations sent in by Eyewitness News viewers.

This week's recipient was brought to the attention of the Liberty Bank SurPRIZE Squad by a woman whose son received a surprise, two years ago, at the Connecticut Children's Medical Center.

Vernon resident Lisa MacClain is known for having a big heart. Within these past 2 years, MacClain has lost her business, her mother and her good health. Soon she could be losing her home.

MacClain who used to own the restaurant Marilyn's in Tolland, had to close it down after her mother fell ill. Less than a year later, her mom passed away.

“After she passed, we found out that she did a reverse mortgage,” MacClain said. “So, they're trying to repossess the house.”

A month after her mom's death, MacClain said she received more bad news.

“I felt something,” MacClain said. “I thought I pulled a muscle.”

It was actually stage-3 triple-negative breast cancer.

“The cancer is like, not even,” MacClain said. “That's like an afterthought with everything else.”

Money has been extremely tight right now as MacClain goes through her cancer treatments all while dealing with her mother's estate, and raising her 16-year-old daughter.

“Because I get $130 a week in child support they turned me down for basically everything,” MacClain said as she started to cry. “I've been living off the kindness of strangers and friends right now.”

MacClain’s friend Cynthia contacted the Liberty Bank SurPRIZE Squad and they rushed into action.

“She's amazing,” MacClain said.

“Well, she had some pretty amazing things to say about you,” WFSB Anchor Nicole Nalpea said.

The Liberty Bank SurPRIZE Squad revealed that they had gotten MacClain some gift cards for the grocery.

“We know food has been such a huge struggle,” Nalpea said.

In addition to the groceries, the Liberty Bank SurPRIZE also gave her some gift cards to local restaurants.

“So you and your daughter, you can have that special time together,” Nalpea said. “You can go out...mother-daughter dates.”

“We can go out to lunch together,” MacClain said as she laughed. “We never go anywhere!”

But, it seems like MacClain has some great friends that come to her such as her friend Lydia, who came to drop-off food.

“I saw the news truck, and I thought 'I hope nothing bad is going on around here' and I pulled up and yay,’” Lydia said. “What a happy surprise this is to see you guys and learn why you're here!”

To see other videos of the Liberty Bank SurPRIZE Squad, click here.

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