FARMINGTON, CT (WFSB) – Last week, Channel 3 sat down with Fotis Dulos’ realtor to learn more about Fotis and the property he once shared with Jennifer.

On Monday night, as interest in this case continues to grow, Channel 3 looked into if you’re safe in your own neighborhood and how things are not always what they seem.

It has been more than a month since Jennifer Dulos was last seen.

The mother of five’s disappearance churned up interest across the state and the country.

“They see this nice house, what we thought was a picture-perfect family and you find out it’s not so perfect,” said Rob Giuffria, Tea Leaf Realty managing broker.

Rob Guiffria is the listing agent for 4 Jefferson Crossing in Farmington, the home owned by Jennifer and her estranged husband, Fotis Dulos.

It has 6 bedrooms, 10 bathrooms, is 13,000 square feet and is for sale for more than $4 million.

“Good and bad happen everywhere and it really doesn’t matter how expensive of a home you live in,” Giuffria said.

In addition to the Dulos case, Giuffria points to a recent incident on Stoner Drive in West Hartford.

In December, police say a 12-year-old boy stabbed his sister to death, and also stabbed his mother, but she survived.

“That’s a great neighborhood that, over the last 40 years, has done really well. People want to live there, and I think they still want to live there,” Giuffria said.

While many who live in affluent neighborhoods feel they’re insulated from anything bad happening, Giuffria said that is simply not the reality.

“I think it brings home the fact that bad stuff can happen no matter where you live and bad stuff can happen to good people,” Giuffria said.

Now, as Fotis and his girlfriend, Michelle Troconis, face charges in connection with Jennifer’s disappearance, Fotis’ attorney spoke to Channel 3 last week.

“I think whenever an upper middle class white woman suffers violence in paradise in a privileged community, everyone feels at risk because isn’t that the life that we’re all aspiring towards? And if she’s not safe, are any of us safe,” said Norm Pattis, Fotis’ attorney.

On Tuesday night, Channel 3 is sitting down with Giuffria to talk about whether the sale of properties in Connecticut have been affected by having a famous in infamous owner.

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