(WFSB) - After 12 seasons and more than 270 episodes, The Big Bang Theory is ending with a big bang.

It’s a bittersweet moment for the millions of fans who watch it regularly on Channel 3, including perhaps the biggest fan, who lives right here in Connecticut.

Channel 3 spoke with him as the show prepares to take its final bow.

“This DVD here, that is the actual signed DVD,” said Kevin Sturmer.

That DVD is just part of Kevin Sturmer’s huge Big Bang Theory collection.

“I’ve seen the full series probably about 15 times,” Sturmer said.

He’s watched it from the beginning, from engagements, to marriages, to children.

He has been there as the beloved characters grow and develop with each season.

“What I like most about the show is its relatable to the people I know in my life and in some ways myself,” Sturmer said.

Which is part of what launched the show to its success.

It is the longest running multi camera sitcom, recently surpassing Cheers.

It centers around a group of scientists who are, often awkwardly, trying to navigate through life.

The show even has a physics professor on staff to help the writers with the science in the scripts.

“It’s just so well written and so well done,” Sturmer said.

During season 8, Sturmer saw that first hand.

He beat 25,000 other fans in the U.S. in a contest, and won a trip to a taping, which is done in front of a live audience, and toured the studio.

“It was amazing. It’s sort of like walking in a dream because you’ve seen these places, but you’ve never actually been there. Meeting these people, shaking their hands, and they were all so nice,” Sturmer said.

Now, as millions of fans wait for the series finale with mixed emotions, Sturmer says he thinks it’s the right time.

“We could go into a whole new life stage of episodes, but I think it’s about time. I think it’s a good way to book end. Thank you for letting us all smile for 12 wonderful seasons,” Sturmer said.

You can watch the series finale of The Big Bang Theory on Channel 3 at 8 p.m. on Thursday.

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