BERLIN, CT (WFSB) - If planning dinner every night is difficult and finding time to grocery shop is a chore, you are not alone.

A business in Berlin is trying to make your life easier.

In about an hour, you can meal prep a months’ worth of food for your family!

For these West Hartford ladies, meal prepping is a family affair.

“I come in one Saturday a month and prepare meals and its basically mostly what I’m going to use for the month prepped in an hour, hour and a half, and ready to go,” said Melina Pappazemos.

For a couple hundred dollars a month, her girls are eating healthy hassle-free dinners.

“The pricing is reasonable, it’s about the same that I would be spending if I was preparing everything from scratch from home and there’s no waste, so I think it’s sort of a win-win,” said Pappazemos.

They pick from a menu at Dream Dinners, that offers 17 options each month.

You can choose either 3 or 6 servings of a certain dish.

From chicken to steak to fish, even vegetarian options, they all vary in price, but most average 5 to 6 dollars per meal.

Then you come to their kitchen and put it all together.

Each station has a different meal that you can prepare.

When Channel 3 was there, one station was loaded chicken and potato soup, and another was meatball marina stuffed French bread.

They also have step by step instructions on how to put the meal together.

“We eliminate all the planning, the shopping and chopping by having all those ingredients ready in the store so all you have to do is come in, follow the recipe and put together everything you need for that meal to take home,” said Nadina from Dream Dinners.

The motto around there is homemade, made easy.

Channel 3 checked out how to make crispy French onion chicken.

First some olive oil then butter, garlic and a few other ingredients for the sauce all get mixed into a plastic bag.

The meat is already frozen. Then everything goes into another gallon bag.

Then, into the freezer when you get home and when you’re ready to eat, most meals only take about 30 minutes to cook.

“It’s a great way to get dinner on the table because I don’t cook. I never really learned how to cook, I don’t enjoy cooking, but I do have to feed my family,” said Susan Jenson.

Jenson lives in Newtown but says it’s worth the drive.

“I spend less time at the grocery store and I’m eating better foods and less time is spent, it’s not just the money spent at the grocery store it’s the time,” Jenson said.

Saving you time and money, plus the quality time spent is priceless.

“It’s actually a lot of fun because it’s a lot of bonding time with your mom because I like to cook a lot and I like to cook with my mom,” said Kourtney James.

“No clean up, that’s big time, quick. I don’t have to think about oh my gosh what am I going to serve for dinner tonight,” said Pappazemos.

You’ll find Dream Dinners in Berlin and Manchester.

Both locations have been open for 13 years.

If you’d like more information about Dream Dinners, click here.

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