BRANFORD, CT (WFSB) -- A local company is making a breakthrough in coronavirus testing.

The days of getting the uncomfortable swab up your nose is over now that a Connecticut lab has come up with a saliva test.

It’s as simple as spitting in a tube, then shipping it off.

Doctors said if you’re someone hard hit with the virus, the average nasal swab test picks it up easily, but it has a tougher time detecting the virus in asymptomatic people.

The saliva test being created at Wren Laboratories in Branford does both.

“It takes 3 minutes to self-administer this test,” said Dr. Irvin Modlin, of Wren Laboratories.

To take the test, you need to order it first from Wren, and it comes to your home via FedEx.

You then spit into the tube, and sent it back.

Once the Branford lab gets it, your results are available online in three to four hours.

“It doesn’t involve hurting yourself in any way, sticking something up your nose,” said Modlin, who is the Medical and Scientific Consultant for Wren.

He said this test is even more accurate than the traditional nose swabs.

“This test is as close to 100 percent accurate as you can get,” Modlin said.

Wren’s scientific director said this test can also find the virus in asymptomatic people.

“The accuracy of the test, across all viral Titus that we’ve measured so far, is 100 percent it picks up those that have a high viral Titus and are very ill, and it also detects those that are low Titus,” Dr. Mark Kidd said.

There is a cost for the convenience of this test -- $150.

“An asymptomatic person who then develops COVID with a previous cheap test that is negative, then lands up in the ICU for five days and hopefully recovers, you’re talking hundreds of thousands of dollars,” Modlin said.

You may be wondering about the concentration of the virus in your saliva between the time you ship the test and by the time it actually gets tested. Wren’s doctors say they’ve developed a way to keep the potency of your sample intact for seven days.

For anyone interested, click here.

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