WALLINGFORD, CT (WFSB) -- As the Centers for Disease Control and health agencies around the country become more aware about the coronavirus, a Connecticut based firm is taking action.

Biocell Ambulance Protection Systems of Wallingford is supplying ambulance companies and medical transporters equipment to protect them from patients with an infectious disease.

The company created a plastic sleeve that’s installed in an ambulance when it is called to transport someone that has a contagious infection.

Owner Leonard Guercia, a veteran first responder with more than 30 years’ experience, co-designed the barrier system after struggling for hours using duct tape and plastic, lining the inside of an ambulance.

It’s now being used by first responders around the country, even Washington state where the nation’s first coronavirus patient is being treated.

Guercia said he got a phone call Tuesday night from a fire chief in Washington.

“The fire department there was very interested in making sure that they had two of our product, and (asked) can we get some more in a short order if they needed it,” Guercia said.

The plastic barrier costs about $400 per unit and takes 15 minutes to install.

When the patient is transported. It’s disposed of in a bio-hazard container.

The product is added protection for ambulance crews.

“It’s a very transient world. I could get on a plane at Bradley and be halfway around the world this time tomorrow so everyone is on the move,” Guercia said.

AMR Operations manager Tim Craven said crews are already well protected when they come in contact with sick patients.

“Simple gloves all the way up to gowning up with a Tyvek suit, masks goggles,” Craven said.

For more information on the product, click here.

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