PORTLAND, CT (WFSB) -- With the 'Stay Safe, Stay Home' measure in place, businesses are drastically changing how they operate.

One Connecticut company is staying in business by filling a void.

Hand sanitizer has been hard to come by, so Mizzi Cosmetics reinvented itself to make them, selling them at a fair price.

“After this coronavirus ended up coming to the United States, I got worried,” said Brenda Mierzejewski, of Mizzi Cosmetics in Portland.

She went from producing lip care to hand hygiene in a flash.

Mizzi Cosmetics is a clean beauty company, but these days, its lab is busy making thousands of hand sanitizer spray, all while wearing personal protective equipment.

Combined with 99 percent alcohol, are aloe vera and organic lavender oil, keeping in line with the Mizzi brand.

Like most entrepreneurs, the expansion was birth out of challenges.

Most of Mierzejewski's buyers shut down amid pandemic concerns.

After finding hand sanitizer became impossible to find, she first made the product for close friends and family.

Then, she remembered her town's first responders.

“That was a wonderful donation and you can’t ask for anything better, especially a homegrown business here in town, for her to be able to take care of her community,” said Portland Fire Chief Bob Shea.

He said besides N95 masks, hand sanitizer is critical for the volunteer department.

The police department also received a donation.

Mierzejewski said she's able to find the ingredients from vendors, only at a high price, so she decided to absorb the costs.

“I want people to be able to afford it. It’s something that should be affordable, so we’re not price gouging,” she said.

For a 1 ounce bottle, it costs $2.50. A 2 ounce bottle costs $4.

Larger bottles, however, are reserved for first responders.

As for the PPE the company isn't using, they plan to donate it.

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