WATERBURY, CT (WFSB) – A Marine veteran went home with a new car on Tuesday after months of hard work by the Pomperaug Girl Scouts.

It’s been a moment months in the making. It started with a wish on a piece of paper during the holidays.

Someone wished for repairs on Ron Coveney’s pickup truck and the troop figured it was something they could do.

“A big motto in Girl Scouts is to leave things better than you found it, and so by doing those repairs, we could’ve just left it better than we found it,” said Madelyn Van Ness, Girl Scout Troop 64012.

Soon, the troop and Coveney found the repairs may not have been enough.

“Went to a garage, went to a body shop, and they kind of told me it’s not really worth it. Why don’t you just upgrade. Take the money you would’ve used to fix it to buy yourself a new one,” Coveney said.

So, Troop 64012 got to work. They started fundraising and collecting donations, raising more than $15,000.

Blasius Chevrolet in Waterbury then matched it and introduced Coveney to his new car.

“It just shows that the effect we can have, especially as girls, and we can be the voice, not just the echo of it. We can do these big things,” Van Ness said.

For Coveney, it restored his faith in humanity.

“There are still some good people out there, you know? And they’re teaching their kids the same thing and that’s, I think that’s the bigger thing here. I’m thrilled, don’t get me wrong, but I think that’s the bigger thing,” Coveney said.

Coveney’s old car is still running and he gave it to a friend at the Veteran’s Home who has helped him keep it running over the years.


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