PROSPECT, CT (WFSB) -- A grocery chain in Connecticut is taking additional precautions to stop the spread of coronavirus.

LaBonne’s Markets announced on Tuesday that it will be checking the temperatures of every store associate before they start their shift.

They will also be checking the temperatures of every customer before they enter the store.

In an announcement, Bob LaBonne Jr. said “I am sorry to say if you refuse to have your temperature taken you will not be allowed to enter the store.”

He said this is in an effort to keep the company’s 420 associates and its weekly 30,000 customers safe.

“I think 95 percent of the feedback so far on social media has been positive. There’s a few people who think it’s an invasion of privacy. I feel I have no other choice but to do the right thing,” LaBonne Jr. said.

Customers at LaBonne’s Markets in Prospect have been taking their own precautions by wearing gloves and face masks.

They say they’re happy to see these additional safety measures.

“Glad to see they’re taking whatever steps they can to help get this thing under control,” said Douglas Durand.

LaBonne added that he is confident that other retail businesses will soon start this practice as well.

“I would like to again thank all our amazing people for their hard work and dedication to serving our communities. To our customers, thank you for your patience and understanding during these very difficult time in all our lives. We will get through this if we adhere to all the best practices to keep people safe,” LaBonne Jr. said.

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rick be

This is a good idea,to make the scaredy-cats feel safe.I wear a mask and think it's ridiculous,but if it makes others happy,i'll do it.


rectal thermometers should give the best results.

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