TOLLAND, CT (WFSB) - It’s not every day you see two teenagers running their own business while still in high school.

Tolland high schoolers have become entrepreneurs.

What’s even more fascinating is that they started the company when they were in seventh grade.

They were just 12 and 13 years old at the time.

It is called the Kelghan Soap Company.

“We make a variety of soaps, lip balms, room sprays and sugar scrub cubes,” said Meghan Myles, Kelghan Soap Company.

For Meghan Myles and Kelsey Leach, it all started back in seventh grade.

“We had the project where we could choose any subject we wanted to research and somehow we came to the idea of soap making,” said Kelsey Leach.

Once they came across the idea they did a ton of research and learned the whole soap making process.

“It’s basically created with a base of oils and then you add that with a water lye mixture or sodium hydroxide,” said Myles.

When you mix the two together, a chemical reaction takes place.

“It’s called a saponification process and that’s where the word soap comes from,” Leach said.

At first, they just sold their products to classmates and teachers.

“But then in 8th grade, we decided we wanted to expand and create an actual company,” Leach said.

They got a business permit, tax identification, and all the necessary documents to become a legitimate company.

“And back then our products really weren’t that great, but we’ve learned and improved since then with a lot of hard work and research and trial and error,” said Myles.

And balancing being a business owner and a senior in high school is certainly no easy task.

“We definitely take our academics first. So, we have to make time for this business, but we find it really rewarding and really enjoyable,” said Myles.

They say they’ve reached a point where they’re very happy with their products and hope to expand even more.

“I really like making soap. It’s fun for me,” said Leach.

Going forward, Myles and Leach say they hope to bring their products to the colleges they end up attending next year.

If you are interested in purchasing a product, click here.

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