SUFFIELD (WFSB) - It's understandable that people would try not to dwell on the horrific sights from aurora Illinois.

But law enforcement agents say the truth is you shouldn't ignore this latest mass shooting. Learn from it.

"The time to think about what you are going do in a crisis isn't when it's developing in front of you," Suffield Police Captain Christopher McKee said Friday.

McKee says it's a good thing that children learn what to do during an active shooter situation through drills at school. But the truth is their parents are much more likely to be the victims of a mass shooting.

"The majority of mass shooter incidents are at the workplace," McKee said. "And they involve work place violence. It is something that adults should think about and have awareness about."

McKee says if you are ever encounter an active shooter try to run away. If you can't do that hide, and finally prepare to fight. He also said to call 911 right away because typically only police can bring these situations to a close.

"Generally, what we see - individuals that are committing these heinous crimes, they're not going to stop," McKee said.

The rise in mass shootings has also impacted police departments.

Decades ago investigators would first secure the perimeter of an active shooter scene and wait for a swat team, now the 1st priority is taking out the shooter.

"We are going in there because those seconds can save lives," McKee said.

McKee hopes one day images like the ones coming from Aurora will become a rarity, but until and unless that happens remember the public and police can't ignore them. Hopefully we'll channel our grief and learn.

"Things change and society changes and the law enforcement branch of government we have to respond to that," McKee said.

For more information, please take a look at this video, produced by the Department of Homeland Security.

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notice many liberal news outlets aren't showing his face...hmmm could it be because he's black, and a felon who shouldn't own firearms?? looks like the liberal agenda got stuffed!


also use your 2nd amendment right and arm yourself

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