HARTFORD, CT (WFSB) - There is a statewide debate over restaurants using plastic straws.

This could be the year Connecticut passes a law restricting plastic straws at restaurants.

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Restaurants like Trumbull Kitchen are already going paper instead of plastic.

The team at Bear’s Smokehouse in Hartford serves up Kansas City flavor.

They try to care for the environment, by eliminating plastic straws.

“It’s just something they don’t offer here. I’m good with that. It doesn’t bother me at all,” said Chris Ferrante of Wethersfield.

Customers asking at Bear’s will get paper straws.

The paper didn’t work well at Plan B Burger Bar in West Hartford, so the bar manager says they went compost.

“Here at Plan B we’ve started the initiative following California of not giving our straws unless they’re requested,” said Erin Conway, bar manager at Plan B Burger Bar.

Restricting plastic straws at restaurants is gaining steam in the state legislature.

Right now, the bill takes into account people with disabilities, so if a customer asks for a straw, a restaurant needs to have one ready.

“I have a family member that depends on straws to have his beverage. Yes, he definitely needs a straw at all times even for his coffee,” said Conway.

Wick Griswold teaches Environmental Sociology at the University of Hartford.

He hopes the proposed bill that just made it out of the Environmental Committee will fly through the House, Senate and get a signature from the governor.

“I care about things like the Connecticut River and our planet. It’s just unthinkable that we would squander our resource like the oceans of the world so that we can sip drinks,” said Griswold.

Channel 3 spoke with lawmakers on both sides of the aisle.

Representative Stephen Harding supports reducing plastic but voted against this bill because of concerns from people with developmental disabilities who say plastic straws are the only way they can have their drink.

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