It was one of the highest rated shows in television history, and Thursday night The Big Bang Theory ended its 12-year run.

Super fans of the show were at the Connecticut Science Center as they watched the series finale.

Practically everyone at the watch party said they loved it.

They are sad to see all their favorite show go, but they say they are happy with the ending.

Singing that popular song from The Big Bang Theory, superfans gathered at The Connecticut Science Center to watch their favorite show go out with a bang.

It certainly answered some long-standing questions of would Sheldon get his dream of winning a Nobel Prize in physics.

Yes, both he and his wife Amy do.

“I loved the ending, I loved it. The fact that they finally won the Nobel and there’s been so much focus on that for so long and they were so deserving, and it was great,” said Kathy Morgan, a superfan.

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And all those wondering if the elevator that has been broken for 12 years finally gets fixed? It does!

Another big story line throughout the series, would Penny and Leonard every have a baby.

Penny was pregnant in the last episode, which is something the fans we talked to loved.

“Leonard and Penny that was a huge surprise. I was thrilled for them,” Morgan said.

The series, about science geeks who work at Caltech was not early on predicted to be such a success, but in the end, viewers flocked to the series because it was really a story of the ups and downs of friendships and relationships.

In the end, Sheldon, who has not always shown the most sensitivity to his friends throughout the series, during his Nobel prize acceptance speech expresses his deep-felt gratitude for their friendship.

“No, it was perfect. It was very satisfying and very complete. It was just a wonderful way to wrap up the series,” said Kevin Strumer, a superfan.

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