(WFSB) – A newly released video by Senator Chris Murphy is calling to eliminate school resource officers and police officers from schools.

Murphy says there’s evidence officers don’t make schools safer.

The bill was just introduced on Thursday by Murphy and three other lawmakers. He says if we are going to tackle racial inequities in our education system, getting police out of schools is a necessary first step.

“It’s time to get police officers out of our schools,” Murphy said. “The evidence shows these officers don’t make our schools and safer. In fact, research has shown [they] can increase physical danger to young people.”

Murphy says students are getting arrested for minor things at schools.

Sen. Murphy helps introduce legislation to remove officers from schools

“Tens of thousands of kids are arrested at school every single year and a disproportionate number of those students are Black and Latino,” Murphy said.

Wolcott's Police Chief Ed Stephens disagrees with Murphy. 

There are three SROs in their school systems and he says police officers and SROs are beneficial. 

"Our function in the school is to protect the students from outsiders coming into the school. That's the number one function to keeping those children safe," Chief Stephens said. 

Chief Stephens says they're also there to build relationships with students. 

"Their function to is build a rapport with students. We don't want children in schools to be afraid of the police, we want to see them as a friend. It's like the old beat cop in the neighborhood. They're the beat cops in the schools," Chief Stephens said. 

Stratford’s superintendent, Janet Robinson, says she sees both sides. She was on a phone call with Murphy last week and voiced her opinions.

“My way of looking at SROs is let’s show students as they’re growing up that police officers are interested in their well-being,” Robinson said.

Robinson is the former Newtown superintendent and was the superintendent during the Sandy Hook school shooting.

After 20 students and 6 staff members were killed, there was a huge push to get more police and SROs in schools.

Murphy says that push started in 1999 after the Columbine School shooting. 

"Since then, the federal government has invested over $1 billion for police in our schools," Murphy said. 

Robinson says she doesn’t want kids to get arrested.

“The officer really has to be able to identify with the kids and really be personable and so that I’ve seen, I’ve seen a very successful SRO and it’s phenomenal. I’ve seen several successful ones and that does matter,” Robinson said.

She says the school resource officers should also have friendly relationships with students.

“I have an SRO in one of my schools and walks into the cafeteria at lunch time and high five him, they talk to him, he can talk to the kids if the kids have a little problem. Just talk to them about it,” Robinson said.

Channel 3 reached out to Murphy, but he hasn’t returned our requests for comment.

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(11) comments


The America of the "baby boom" generation was infinitely safer than it is today. This is not just viewing the past with rose-colored glasses. You could walk-around the downtown areas of most cities at night without fear. Downtown areas were packed with shops, restaurants, theaters, entertainment venues, and of course, jobs. Compare the present in cities like Hartford, Waterbury, and New Haven to what they were back then. There is no comparison! Why? Because the cities of decades-ago were safe. Laws were enforced. More importantly, laws were OBEYED voluntarily, in the interest of a better life for all. What destroyed these places? Crime. Race riots. The welfare state. Confiscatory taxes. Socialism and all its trappings. Decent people of all races abandoned the cities as a matter of self-preservation. Those that remained depend on the police to keep order. Without them, these places will become dystopian nightmares, very much like the movie “Escape From New York”.

Brian C. Duffy

You use movie references, while I cite statistics, MiKKKe.

There were race riots in 1965 Watts, 1967 Detroit, and the granddaddy, April 1968 Hartford, New Haven, and all cities across America. According to the Bureau of Justice Statistics, violent crimes per 100K people went from 200 in the mid 1960s to 600 in the mid 1980s and is now back down below 300. That includes the cities in CT. America is much safer today than in 1968.

Now go back to your VCR and watch "Mad Max" again, fool.

Brian Duffy

Well Educated Liberal

Pigs never should have been there in the first place. Only reason is to intimidate, harass and threaten minority children. I have 7 biracial children and if their school even though about putting a pig in there I would scream racism so loud, I will own that school by the time I'm finished.

#Biden/Obama2020 #HillaryIsMyPresident #ImStillWithHer #WearaMask #BlackLivesMatter #DumpDrumpf #NotMyPresident #VoteBlueNoMatterWho #BlueWave #FreedomFromReligion #SocialismNOW #BanAllGuns


What kind of monster calls policemen "pigs"?

Well Educated Liberal

What kind of monster supports and condones roid raged, violent, racist, hate filled bigots with a badge and a gun that go around murdering poor, innocent African Americans on a daily basis?

#Biden/Obama2020 #HillaryIsMyPresident #ImStillWithHer #WearaMask #BlackLivesMatter #DumpDrumpf #NotMyPresident #VoteBlueNoMatterWho #BlueWave #FreedomFromReligion #SocialismNOW #BanAllGuns


I just figured-out last night that you were trolling us. "7 biracial children"? Good satire! It sounded convincing, though.

Well Educated Liberal

When you have no reply and all you can come up with is "troll"...


What's wrong with 7 biracial children? Racist much?

#Biden/Obama2020 #HillaryIsMyPresident #ImStillWithHer #WearaMask #BlackLivesMatter #DumpDrumpf #NotMyPresident #VoteBlueNoMatterWho #BlueWave #FreedomFromReligion #SocialismNOW #BanAllGuns


Withdraw the police, and evil people are emboldened to commit more crimes. This is especially applicable to America in 2020. In the America of my youth, most people knew the difference between right and wrong. Most people were capable of restraining their worst impulses. The culture did not glorify violence and crime. Not so today. The "hip-hop" culture of 2020 glorifies crime, violence, rape, (anti-white) racism, and ignorance. The results are on the news every night. Major cities, once the crown jewels of America, are rotted-out, crime-ridden jungles. The police are our last line of defense. The Left wants the police eviscerated so that rioting mobs can complete the job of burning and looting the last of our urban infrastructure. What comes next? The destruction of the America we knew, followed by a totalitarian, (anti-white) racist, Marxist state. What can be done about it? Stop voting for Democrats. Make no exceptions! Republicans can be confused at times, but they are not fundamentally evil like the modern Left.

Brian C. Duffy

"...the "America of my youth"? When was that exactly, MiKKKe? Since you deplorables love to cite Chicago.....Let's look at Chicago murders historically (from the Chicago Tribune, Jan 23, 2020): In the 21st century Chicago has averaged 500 - 600 murders per year. From the late 1960s thru the early 1990s, the average was 800 - 900.

Crime (and the cities) was much worse in my youth because crime is a young man's game and we Baby Boomers are the largest generation. 2020 is nothing compared to 1968; I vividly remember 1968, do you? The results weren't always on the news every night, do you know why? Because if the Internet and Cable had been around in the 1960s and 70s, our parents would have never let us out of the house.

Brian Duffy ~~ Tariffville (since 1964)


Sen Murphy is a political hack and an enemy of police and safe schools. He complains that students are being charged for minor crimes in schools. If a complaint is made to the offices they must react and charge a student with a crime, if a crime is committed.If you remove the police from the schools, the teachers will have to handle the situation untill the police are called. This will put teachers and students in danger.


Things are going from bad to worse....you give someone and inch, they'll take a yard - number of officers are down...they are now being removed from schools....let's see if there's an uptick in crimes being committed because people are going to see how far they can go....

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