TORRINGTON, CT (WFSB) - A local man who survived the largest mass shooting in U.S. history is now suing his former employer for discrimination.

Charles Giampaolo from Torrington escaped the massacre at the Harvest Music Festival in October of 2017, but his father-in-law was among the 59 killed.

When he returned home, Giampaolo was diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder and sought help with a mental health counselor.

Giampaolo says his commission was cut several times, he was demoted and eventually forced out of the Torrington-based Elevator Service Company.

“Owner Stephen Roth allegedly told CJ, "October has come and gone, and you need to get over it.’ Ownership like what Mr. Giampaolo went through, the mass shooting, to getting over breast cancer and was told in so many words to ‘suck it up,’” said Amanda DeMatteis, Garrison Law.

Giampaolo is seeking unspecified damages for subjecting him to a hostile work environment and retaliation against him.

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WRONG. It's the largest mass shooting since the 1900's. There have been far larger mass shootings- mostly perpetrated by the US government or states against native americans. Such as the Apalachee Massacre of 1704 where they killed 1000 Apalachees and enslaved at least 2000 survivors.

There were only 57 deaths in Las Vegas. There are 41 other massacres with higher body counts than that. Guns are not the problem- humans are. We're safer than we've ever been- thanks to the increased number of guns.

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