WATERBURY, CT (WFSB) - A local teacher is suing the school system, claiming she was fired for using a medical marijuana card. 

The suit accuses the school of firing her, even though she has a valid state medical marijuana card. 

Abigail Peck, a music teacher, says she's supposed to be in a classroom with students at B.W. Tinker Elementary School.

Instead, she sits in her living room thinking of her current situation.

Over the summer, while on a visit from Florida, she applied for a music teacher position with the Waterbury school district.

She says she passed through the interview process and was offered a job.  

She said things changed before he drug screening when she shared she uses marijuana for medical reasons. 

“That’s sort of when everything changed,” said Peck.

“So, my situation is that I suffer from an autoimmune disease called ulcerative colitis

Prior to moving to Connecticut, she says she carried a valid card for medical marijuana in Florida, but hadn't applied for one in our state.

“So, my situation is that I suffer from an autoimmune disease called ulcer colitis,” said Peck.

In her lawsuit, Peck claims human resources pushed back her start date in September, put her on administrative leave and gave her time to get a Connecticut medical marijuana card. 

Peck claims after having done what was required, she says that when she returned from administrative leave, she was handed a termination letter.

The district referred all of our questions to the city's corporation counsel.

She declined an on-camera interview, but pointed out the cit of Waterbury is  a drug-free workplace.

In a statement, she shared, “Marijuana is a schedule one controlled substance for which a prescription is not permitted under the federal controlled substance act and drug free work place policy.”

The lawyer also confirmed Peck did not have a state issued card at the time of her drug screening. 

Peck is now seeking monetary damages after the fallout and wants the stigma of medical marijuana users to go away.

“These people can be extremely successful. They can be employable. They can be legal members of society who are excellent teachers,” said Peck.

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If these administrators knew how many of their employees, including a couple of administrators, smoked the good weed, they would quickly change their opinions.

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