(WFSB) – What’s going on inside Connecticut’s classrooms?

Eyewitness News is seeing the first results of a brand-new exclusive survey sent to the state’s 50,000 public school teachers.

Teachers were asked a total of 23 questions and the final results were revealed on Monday morning.

As the week continues, Eyewitness News is digging into the answers.

The survey was sent to 50,000 members of two teacher unions in the state, the “American Federation of Teachers Connecticut Chapter” and the “Connecticut Education Association.”

Eyewitness News talked to CEA’s executive director, Donald Williams, to get his take on these results.

“I think the teachers gave some thoughtful responses to a variety of questions. There were some surprises, I guess you could say,” Williams said.

Teachers were asked if their students had ever threatened them and if threats of violence make them less eager to discipline students.

Teachers were asked about mental health issues students are facing and as teachers if they feel equipped to handle them.

When asked about resources, teachers were asked if they have what they need to educate the children of Connecticut and how much of their own money they are spending on their classrooms.

In all, more than 1,400 members responded. The majority, 41 percent, have been teaching for more than 20 years while 36 percent have been teaching between 11 and 20 years.

Of those that responded, 45 percent teach pre-K through 5th grade, 24 percent are middle school teachers, and 32 percent teach high school.

“The classrooms today are much more complicated. Students now are used to just in time information on their smart phones and being entertained in multi-media, and there are those challenged that teachers have to face,” said Richard Schwab, a former dean.

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