GROTON, CT (WFSB) – A family in Western Massachusetts hired a Connecticut treasure hunter to settle a decades old rumor that money was hidden in the house.

Groton-based treasure hunter Keith Wille posted a Youtube video of a successful hunt for a family in Western Massachusetts that wanted a decades-old rumor settled about money hidden in the house.

In 2016, Wille founded a treasured wedding ring in the water off Waterford for retired teacher Elias Hage.

Last week, his metal detector was busy again, combing the attic of a client who found his Wille’s service on the internet.

The family had hired carpenters in the past, but they came up empty handed. But this treasure sleuth saw something in the floor that no one else noticed.

“I got a couple of signals over here. I’m going to take my endoscope camera and take a look under the floorboards and into the cracks in the corner,” Wille said in the video. “When I dropped it into the second or third hole, I saw something weird. It had letters and numbers on it. It was a small silver something with a slot in it. I realized oh man this is a keyhole.”

It was a gray metal box and they slowly pulled up the floorboards and finally settled the family rumors.

“Here we go, you guys ready? Oh, look at that. I see 20s, I see 10s,” Wille said.

The family found $5,000 packets and $46,000 in all, wrapped in original bank straps. It has been hidden since the 50s.

“I think it was shock. I think we were all in shock,” Wille said.

Channel 3 spoke to a family member over the phone.

“All this story you believe it’s true, you don’t know if it’s true. I’m just glad it was finally found,” Karen said.

Karen says the family hasn’t decided what to do with the newfound treasure.

Wille said he’s done family treasure hunts before, but this is the first time they hit it big.

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