CHESHIRE, CT (WFSB) -- As the Stop & Shop union strike wears on, local vendors in New Haven, North Franklin, and Cheshire who supply products to the chain are seeing a shift in business.

At least one vendor’s purchase orders from Stop & Shop have stopped, but in many cases, if people aren’t crossing the picket line, they’re shopping elsewhere.

The giant chain stopped buying Allyn Brown’s lettuce at Maple Lane Farm.

“Stop & Shop has cut way back or cancelled some of their ‘po’s’ for this week, both for lettuce and our black currant juice, which is affected,” Brown said.

At the Cushman Dairy Farm in North Franklin, who supply dairy products to the Farmer’s Cow brand, strike or not their 1,700 cows still have to be milked twice a day and fed.

“Stop & Shop is a main buyer of our product, but we do have other buyers too and they just go to other stores,” said Brandon Smith, of Cushman Farms.

It’s a shift of distribution.

Many of the vendor’s know people will shop elsewhere besides Stop & Shop.

They’ve have seen an increase in orders from other grocer retails.

“Stop & Shop all comes out of this location in Cheshire. They’re only about 25% of our sales here. We’ll make that up. Big Y comes out of Preston location,” Brown said.

At Hummel Brothers meat packing plant in New Haven, it’s the loss of Easter ham sales this holy week that could impact their business.

“It has caused us to shift our delivery schedules,” said Eric Hummel.

When asked about loss of money, he said “We hope in the long run not so much but it’s hard to keep up with some of these smaller stores.”

Other suppliers said to give it a few more days and their bottom line will be affected.

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