(WFSB) – A woman in Connecticut is fighting for her life while fighting to save the lives of others.

Rebecca Timlin-Scalera has been diagnosed with Stage 4 cancer and is now determined to find a cure.

She has started an online challenge that’s helping to raise awareness.

Timlin-Scalera celebrated her 43rd birthday with her family in Paris, but shortly after returning home to CT, her life changed forever.

“I just had a clean mammogram and ultrasound weeks before I found the lump,” Timlin-Scalera said.

She was diagnosed with Stage 4 breast cancer. From a clean check-up to being told she could only have years to live.

“I’m an educated person in the health care field who checked myself every day, and I still got a very advanced form of breast cancer,” Timlin-Scalera said.

Weeks later, she received more unexpected news.

“I got this miraculous re-diagnosis back to Stage 3C,” Timlin-Scalera said.

With her odds slightly improved, Timlin-Scalera pursued the most aggressive treatment she could.

But, she thought fighting her way to recovery could be a sign of hope for others.

“When you get there, you’ll find out like I did, there’s very few treatments or cure,” Timlin-Scalera said.

That’s how the Cancer Couch Foundation came to be.

Timlin-Scalera found a non-profit dedicated to raising money for research exclusively on metastatic breast cancer, also known at MBC.

She teamed up with researches at Dana-Farber and Sloan Kettering.

“If you give these really smart people even just a couple hundred thousand dollars, they can flesh out an idea and then they can write a grant and get that billion dollars,” Timlin-Scalera said. “We have, in just three years, put over two million dollars into these labs.”

Timlin-Scalera said these researches have also put out three ground-breaking papers.

“Founding metastatic cancer really helps advance the treatment for all kinds of cancer,” Timlin-Scalera said.

There’s now a way you can help.

You can take part in the “Reason 4 Freezin’ Challenge.”

Here’s how it works. You have to create a video of yourself eating anything cold, but you have to do it hands free.

In your video, dedicate it to someone and nominate four people.

Then, tag @reason4freezinmbc and share it on social media.

If you make a donation, an anonymous donor matches every donation made.

This week only, a second donor will match every donation up for $25,000.

“If you are moved by this and you want to do something, take the Reason 4 Freezin Challenge,” Timlin-Scalera said.

A message even more urgent now that Timlin-Scalera has been re-diagnosed with Stage 4 cancer.

“We need research money to keep these trials going,” Timlin-Scalera said.

If you would like to find out more about the Cancer Couch Foundation or the challenge, click here.

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